Machinedrum MIDI velocity mapping

Hello all,

Recently I’ve been working on a live setup that involves triggering the MD from a drumpad-style MIDI controller (Nord Drum 3P).
For more expressivity, I’d love to be able to map the MIDI velocities coming from the pad to multiple MD parameters (thinking of filter cutoff, decay, maybe some distortion or some of the FM mod amounts, who knows…)

I found some old software (Empty Magic) that seems to allow for this:

Magic Touch gives you velocity-sensitive control of your Machinedrum’s parameters. You can link as many parameters together as you like, from as many tracks you want. The amount of force you use to press the key on your MIDI controller will determine the values that are sent to the Machinedrum.

Unfortunately, the software hasn’t been updated for new macOS, and besides, laptops are no longer allowed in my live sets :stuck_out_tongue:
Came across a forum post saying the MegaCommand provides many of the functions that this Empty Magic software did. Any chance it will also allow the incoming MIDI velocity to be mapped (and scaled) to MD parameters? I quickly scanned the manual, but couldn’t find anything of the sort.
Otherwise, any ideas of simple ways of doing this in a hardware form-factor? (maybe Arduino?)

Thanks guys and gals!

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One option could be to use an Axoloti, it should be possible to patch this quite easily.