Machinedrum kits

I have a simple machinedrum (mk1), and recently I discovered those fantastic 808 and 909 kits. I loaded them and was surprised how good they sound. Now I take those to learn.
They sound much better than I thought my machinedrum could sound…
Are there any more wizardry kits that can teach you something?
And if so, where to get them?

Search for the Moritz PDF to make the PUNCHY MD TRX BEAST!

Theres a lot of MD Jewels out there! also try the Ruin & Wesen MachineDrum Notes PDFs both with extras or another level guide… Science Lab etc


Autechre Sysex maybe? Didn’t try.


seconded, i have tried and i think its great for learning new tricks

I searched for the moritz pdf, but just found this thread here:-) any other term I should search for?


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