Machinedrum freezing, related to trigger inputs?

My Machinedrum is freezing on startup. It was running fine a few minutes ago while I was setting up using the audio-ins as trigger inputs.

I was running TS cables directly from one of the CV outputs of my 0-coast into a patchbay that then ran into the Machinedrum inputs. It was working fine for a while and then I noticed the MD was lagging when using the interface (pressing any buttons) but would still make sounds just fine.

I think I may have set the inputs to be too sensitive, and maybe that’s what’s causing it to freeze up? I ran test mode and everything was behaving normally, but once I start up the MD and it goes through the normal animation (including the new x.04 animation), it freezes up, and information on the top left side of the screen that would display tempo are gone, and the tempo light beats very, very slowly.

Any ideas?

Mine was doing this after loading a bunch of older sysex and going over kit limits.
Play the animation and then freeze.
Factory reset fixed it every time for me

Edit: might wanna report or ask about this in the x.04 thread

I hated the idea of a factory reset, so I tried a soft reset and that seemed to do it. I just had to reload my sample back and everything was working like normal. I’m just not sure what caused the issue in the first place, so I’ll have to mention it on the x.04 thread.

I was running triggers nearly into audio-rate range, and I’m wondering if I just overloaded it with Midi data, but I don’t really know.

I’ve near-bricked a machinedrum running weird non-AC inputs into the inputs as well. I just tried a sustain pedal once to see what would happen.

Well, guess what happened :]

Soft reset fixed it too - I think the inputs are strictly for audio, not DC signals.

I guess but the manual mentioned using trigger inputs into the audio ins, like piezo mics or something. I guess I assumed CV wouldn’t be an issue.

A piezo mic is still an audio / AC signal tho - so it kinda makes sense.

I mean it doesn’t ‘make sense’ to me why a DC signal completely kills the machine, but it makes sense in that it seems to be consistent in behaviour for different types of signals.

I’m just as confused as you - reassuring to know somebody else got the same type of failure I did though.

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