Machinedrum +drive upgrade

I’ve bought a few years ago a Machinedrum SPS-1 mkII without +drive.
Now I find pretty limited to develop different projects to have a MD with limited space.
I’ve found threads on forums to upgrade MD with +drive… but now this threads are too old.
I wonder if now (2020) it’s still possible upgrade an MD with +drive, with some kit, or if I could send to someone for upgrading.
Do you know if that is remotly possible ?



I purchased a MD SPS-1 UW MKII a few weeks ago and wrote to Elektron to ask about the +Drive upgrade. They’re still doing it and my MD is in Sweden (Elektron HQ) as we speak being upgraded.


Start a support ticket inquiring if they have any left in stock. I had my monomachine upgraded to a plus drive a few years ago but that’s how I went about it. I’m US based and they happened to have some still at the LA service office.

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@astricii @fridi_hentze

Oh! that’s ok, then I’ll write to elektron to answer if it’s possible.

Thank you so much!

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how much is this service costing you?

I had my MonoMachine upgraded with a +Drive a couple of month ago. It’s the same +Drive for MD and MnM as far as I know. It cost me around €290, shipment included (I’m based in Austria), and it took something like less than 2 weeks.


Same as Omar €290, shipment included. I’m located Denmark and just saw that the MD is finished. So its probably going to be about 2 weeks for me, with the shipment and repair time.

EDIT: 2 weeks all together that is from me sending it to receiving it back.


Wow that’s odd, just looking in to this myself. Is it possible when having a +drive added to add UW functionality, or am I thinking about this wrong?

No, you’re wrong. +Drive adds snapshots management. You could get a pseudo project functionality to save differents projets on your machine, that allows store thousands of patterns and songs. If your MD isn’t UW, you can’t get sample function with an MD non UW.

But, anyway it’s awesome get more space to store more patterns. In my case, I need it.


Thanks for clearing that up, I’ll have to see how I get on with the MD combined with the OT/DT. UW is certainly desirable but not essential for me, still upgrading to a +drive potentially a good idea to help manage projects etc.

I’m amazed that elektron still offer the service to be honest, it’s pretty awesome.