Machinedrum ctrl all

Someone can please try to explain in deep the ctrl all machine?
Is really powerfull and creative but most of time it compromise all the next pattern in arrangement…seems that one it start to modify all the parameters it never go back to the original sound when skip to the next pattern even if i save the kit before start to do that…

I miss something? I wrong something?


The key to “go back” is to hit Function + Classic/Extended. This will reload the last saved version of the kit, which will “undo” all the changes the ctrl-all machine made.


I know that… but i try to understand if you can sequentize this kind of action and have automatically in your arrangment to do other things while perfoming the song

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there are a number of ctrl machines you can sequence if that’s what you’re after.
stick em on a few tracks n experiment.


I reply just to follow… because yes, i use the trick ctr all but now i want to learn the control machine and sequence. But have some troubles too.

Of course all the Ctrl machine are sequentized but i try to know if you put some sequences with the Ctrl All inside in your arrangment the Machinedrum is able to reset automatically the morphing of these controls and comeback with the start setttings during the perform of the arrangment?

Hope the question is clear…
Thanks to all guys

Why not make 2 of the same pattern and If you automate a CTR-AL change in pattern 1, when you switch to pattern 2 at the end of the phrase it will automatically revert back to the original pattern.

Combine this with the Machinedrum’s Song mode might help.

This only works if you save the kit under a new name on the 2nd kit. But you now have 2 separate kits to work with. Make a change that you want to keep, then you have to edit it in the second as well.

(This is when doing ctr all manually with function+buttons)


Ah, then you are in the same situation I am. Apparently there is a way to send SysEx commands for this, but nothing else: Reset using CTRL+AL and P-Locks

Yes! Thats the point!

Sono solution inthe internal sequencer for now right?

Yep, nothing internal. Now, and forever too. Only hope is external SysEx.

Cause the mute tracks in the arrangments don’t reset the parameters…

Yes i learn that today… Make me some trouble for a minute, but now. If i perform i keep the Ctrl all channel mute and when i want use it, i unmute, and mute again. And use function+buttons to back on the classic pattern…Just a habit. Or you can change the pattern too, but indeed you need a second kit.

Maybe you can help me…
I had some problems when I wanted to sequence the ctrl all. I did a trig with several p locks and I did a second trig, the sequencing does not take the second trig. Nothing happened in the sound … I imagine that I missed a step? … Maybe just my p lock settings on second trig?

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Ok thanks i try your method…and hope it’s work…thanks for your help

Try to explain A second time your trouble maybe i don’t understand so well…i think the Ctrl all function with plocks is really powerfull and drastic and some times not all the changes retourn fixed or “modulated” in the right way…so seems not working propley

Haha yes sorry my english is so approximate.
But someone explain me how ctrl all works. So if i want to sequence more than one trig i need to push the knob and turn it. If i just turn the knob, the p lock dont work.

Thanks man really appreciate!