Machinedrum Booting Problems


Hey everyone,

I managed to pick up a MKII UW Machinedrum recently on eBay, which I received yesterday.

Incredible sounding machine, but unfortunately it seems to have a few ghosts inside it.

It locked up after about 30 mins of testing it out, and refused to boot back into the OS again, showed some weird figures on the display upon powering on. I found a few other threads with similar issues, mentioned reseting through the safe mode. However even getting the trig keys to work in safe mode is extremely spotty, I managed to get it to recognize + reset once today, it worked for about an hour and then exhibited the same behaviour. I’m not sure if the problem is some corruption in the software, or if there’s an issue with the hardware itself.

I’m willing to give the seller the benefit of the doubt, but I’m at a loss as to what my options are other than returning it at this stage.
If anyone has any other suggestions it would be much appreciated.

Kind regards.

  • Check the power supply.

  • Open up the unit and ensure all the ribbon connectors are firmly pushed into their sockets.

  • Contact Elektron support via Elektron’s website.


When i had such issue the internal power PCB needed replacing. Was done at a local repair shop, which is an elektron distributor.


Just to update on this, luckily I had a torx bit, I’ve reseated the internal jumpers at the suggestion of a post in a similar thread. It seems to have solved it for the moment as far as I can tell. Assuming they might have become loose in transit.

Thanks for your help!