Mac os 14.10.5 compatibilité avec overbridge


I have recently updated the OS 10.14.5 by mistake. And since my mac does not recognize my A4 or my AR
I try to install the last version of the overbridge on my mac, but it does not change anything … do you know if they are compatible?
Thank you.




Check your A4 and AR are running the compatible OS version for the OB version?


ok thank you guys!


my machines on the new update and I still have nothing …


c6 finds the machines but not ob engine :frowning:


you need to research the public beta threads on enabling things in security preferences for Mojave - it’s especially protective - iirc you may need to sort that - i’m running a different version to you on Mojave but I had run that version fine

There are so many things to be mindful of it’s best reading through the opening post to the official beta and then the users’ experiences below in terms of remedying various installation issues

Ensure your OS version is the correct one for a specific OB download - again explicitly detailed in the opening post