M:S to DAW

I’m very very new to the world of producing music with analog instruments and digital software. I’m having loads of fun with my M:S yet i dont understand how i can connect it to my Laptop so that i can play the Drum Machine and record it into my DAW (Bitwig) and also Im trying to understand how to direct the Audio Output to my Monitors.
I know there are the MAIN OUT slots in the back of the machine yet I’m trying to find a way connecting it with Laptop and Monitors using USB… hopefully someone can help me out!

Peace out fellow Elektronauts

If you want to record the audio from your M:S (or any instrument really) you need an audio interface which can be plugged to your computer and provides audio inputs and outputs you can access from your DAW

Do you have something like that?

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Is this true with the M:S having class compliant audio?
Can’t a user just go USB into DAW?


That’s what I assumed too ! Although the current usability may be variable based on anecdotal feedback connected to e.g. iPad

Yeah, you can. You don’t need an interface.

Been a few months since I used it, but it’s fairly simple - worth checking in the manual for what setting needs to be done in the m:s, and then your daw should just see it as audio input.


yea i have bitwig, but i cant set the drum machine to my audio inputs…

I’m doing this (i.e. M:S via USB directly to computer) with Ableton Live (Preferences -> Audio -> Setup Audio Input to M:S) and it works fine. For Bitwig, audio setup should be similar (https://dash.bitwig.com/documentation/Bitwig%20Studio%20User%20Guide%20English.pdf – page 11++)


My mistake, apparently you don’t need one with the M:S

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Are you using ASIO4ALL driver to do this or is it not needed?