M:S midi thru playability

Hi! After lots of experimentation and moving around, I have found a compact setup that works for my live shows. Excluding mics and pedals, it looks something like this:

keystep —> M:S —> Volca FM

I would like to sequence the Volca FM with the M:S sequencer, but instead of using the rubber buttons I wanted to input trigs via the keystep. After some menu diving, I managed to be able to get the midi signals thru, but with some problems.
When the midi settings on the M:S are set on thru, I can play the keystep into the volca, but the M:S sequencer won’t work (I have sound as long as I press keys, but no sequencing); whereas when the midi on M:S is set to out I can hear the sequencer working on the Volca FM, but nothing happens if I play the keystep (sequencing is on, but I can’t play live).
I am working around the issue switching constantly between midi thru and midi out on the M:S, but I was wondering if there was a way for me to sequence the Volca FM with the keystep, going thru the M:S. I hope everything is clear enough!


I have the same issue !
I looking for an option to send incoming Midi from a keystep to an external syth, but without midi thru because i want to record pattern and use the keyboard for sample track too.

Help :frowning:

I don’t have a Model:Samples to try this but if you:

  • set OUT/THRU to be “OUT”
  • set the MIDI channel number of the Keystep to the AUTO IN number (in the SETTINGS > MIDI > CHANNELS menu), and
  • set the MIDI channel of a track (OUT CHAN) to match that of your external synth and ensure MOUT is active,

then when you select that track, the Keystep should play the external synth.

See pages 20, 22, 23, 39 of the M:S manual for full information.


I,'ve try, its the same ; the keyboard can play sample and record pattern, but i can’t play the synth with keyboard directly, so i record without sound and after a pattern loop i can hear it.