M:S Export correct Midi Key?

Hi there,

i have the Model:Samples for a couple of days now and am having a great time with it! What i would very much like to do, besides playing inside the box, is exporting my tracks to logic as proper midi data.

The midi notes should of course either make sense within a standardized midi drum assignment (Bass Drumm C1, etc.; like this one https://www.edb.gov.hk/attachment/tc/curriculum-development/kla/arts-edu/nss/gm_drumlist_8050.pdf), or be at least different (discernible) midi notes per track.

How can i do this? I first thought i could dial in the correct key for each via the Trk Menu, which is by default set to C5 for everything. However, when i do this, it surely does export the set midi-key, but also completely bends the played sound toward the manually dialed key, and i basically loose the right sound in exchange for readable midi - until i dial everything back manually, and have the original pattern sound back, but any track reads as indistinguishable as a c5.
I’ve tried around with setting this up before and after arming tracks, etc., but that makes no difference.

So how could i get the M:S to play the ‘original’ pattern audio while also putting out a different midi note for each track (while not affecting the sound)?
Maybe I’ve completely misunderstood something, but since it has midi output at all there must be a way to let single tracks have their own midi notes, without screwing with the sound.


Hi again,

i guess the post above was somewhat messy, since i’m pretty new to some technicalities of sound engineering.
Short version: Is there a way to assign a midi note to a track, which will be sent every time the track is played, without doing any pitch bending?

This would be very helpful to make use of the sequencer data in the daw.