M:C obsolete now there's ST?

Adding sensitivity profiles for pads? Seems easy to me.

Model:Cycles shares 0 similarities with the DN, I don’t know why people keep mentionning that…

isnt it based on fm synthesis? otherwise ok then not…

One of the lead developers mentioned they took the Digitone engine and macro-ized it for the M:C, IIRC.

As far as I can tell digitone is a 4-op FM polyphonic synth, M:C is a fm-based groovebox.
Saying DN shares similarities with M:C because of FM is kinda missing the point because you don’t really have actual FM synthesis controls on 5 out of the 6 machines of the Cycles. And the Tone Machine is a 2-op FM synth so it’s not even close to the DN synthesis…

Whereas Syntakt has all M:C machines and uses the same “machines” design for its entire sound design.

People mention it for a reason…

Hmm…I don’t know. If it was so simple I’d assume they’d already tackled it.

Do you have a source on that? As far as I can tell this is what I have found on the subject and there’s no mention of digitone macro-ized anywhere…

Maybe they have delayed tackling it because it amounts to an admission of failure in the hardware design ?

But you could be right … it’s possible the fix might involve a way to calibrate your M:Cs pads against how hard you hit them.

My thoughts…

I’ll try to find it.

My take on the lack of any updates for the Models over the past 3 years is the ppl who made the products left, then there was the power handle fiasco and they kinda stopped giving attention to the products… Safer for them that putting more effort and risking another failure.

I re-read some of @Ess posts and I’m probably wrong. He wrote everything was developed from Max patches not transformed and macro-ized from the Digitone…
Might have mixed some stuff in my head.

Still there are similarities…

They don’t all left…

Yes I think the M:C is completely different beast compared to the DN…
Pretty sure Sound design wise the machines were built from scratch for the M:C .

For this reason I dont think of any obvious similarities.

Well if there are still some ppl who care about the models a firmware update is more than due by now :smiley: (last one was 2021 for the power Handle… lol)

Yeah, idk. There can be similarities between a Moog and a DSI synth, there can be similarities between software and hardware, between analog and digital etc…but it’s fine to agree to disagree.

yes 100%, just my humble opinion, for me its obvious syntakt was inspired by M:C and AR tho…

Use percussive machines for melodic stuff.


You kinda miss the point. The point is it could use a few more melodic/tonal machines as a FM groovebox, ie not only a drum machine.

I think at this point pretty much everyone knows you can use kick/snare/metal/perc in a less percussive way. Even Elektron themselves shared tracks with only one machine.

Still would be pretty neat to have 2 more machines so we end up with 4 drums machines and 4 melodic/tonal machines :slight_smile:

Digitakt can be a better sampler but not a superior drum machine


It is not easy.
We have to consider that to keep price down they placed all the circuitry in one board, and I believe that the pads are interpreting continuos pressure and single strokes differently…the resistive film and the pads are separated element not integrated with the circuit…not easy to evaluate a fitting curve that can match all the velocity/pressure cases in my opinion.
…however I believe that MC is still a joy to use, especially for the workflow

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you mean the price that has gone up 100 euros in a span of 2 years?

That seems to be what they have in mind.


that would be AMAZING. the cheapest complete Elektron sequencer and performance tool.

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