M:C controlling Nord Stage


Can I have my M:C control multiple sounds from my NS3?

As in, M:C Track 1 MIDI to NS3 Programme 1 (say, Piano)

M:C T2 to NS3 P2 (bass)
T3 to P68 (Organ)
T4 to P19 (clap)


Can I?? I can do MC T1 to NS3 whatever P I scroll to.



monophonic lines only - plus there’s no way to filter out moved(can’t be sequenced) encoder output if you enable M.Out in the track menu

there is a prog chang out tickbox somewhere , so the MC patterns will output prgchg 0-95

That sounds like a yes to me then. Even monophonic will do. I’ll need to learn PC stuff then. I’m new to this, in case it’s not obvious.

Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

Remember that the Nord Stage 3 only has two panels, so it can only be addressed on two different MIDI channels at the same time.

To access more than two sounds at one time, you will have to carefully set up keyboard splits.

Thanks Peter, this is really helpful. I’ve managed to get organ and synth from NS3 playing from track 6 of MC by keyboard split on NS3 and using the notes/pitch per trig on M. Great stuff. I can put in more splits and across the 2 panels giving me, I assume, 6 different sounds controlled from MC.

However, it is a little clunky.

Is there a way to do what I wanted to do in my first post with different equipment? Software? Hardware? What are the words I should look for in the specifications?

I’m so grateful I can ask this sort of question here :slight_smile:

Do you mean: is there a synthesizer or other device that can have six different sounds on different MIDI channels so that each track on the M:C can sequence a different sound without having to setup keyboard splits?

If so: yes, there are many hardware or software instruments that can do this. There might be six instances of a software instrument, or such a hardware synthesizer would be said to be six-part multi-timbral.

MIDI instruments can be chained together so that you only need an additional four parts to the two parts that your NS3 easily provides.

There is much discussion on the forum about potential solutions and the best for you will depend on both your budget and your taste in sounds. Here are some discussions about multi-timbral hardware synths:

Awesome Peter, thanks so much. Multi-timbral.

I’ve just bought a DT so will have DT M:C together shortly. :grin: