Low cut?

This may be an FM thing that can’t be avoided, but sometimes tracks get a little boomy, not muddy but a lot of bass stacked up. I find myself wishing I could carve out some space for low end to sit better in mix. With chord & tone I can stumble across a way to thin out the sound, like a makeshift bandpass or HPF. I like mid-range to stay clear. Might just need less tracks playing.

Some of my Model:Cycles projects suffer from this, too. I’ve just planned to multitrack and EQ those, because those tracks tend to have a darker mood on purpose.

However, I have made plenty of patterns where it sounds like everything’s occupying the proper place in the spectrum, so in many cases this can be achieved by changing the sound design.

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After a year of owning Cycles, I have learned to:

limit the Vol/Dist to over 60 on only 2 instruments per pattern.

Never INF reverb until a transition in a live set.

set some Tracks in the Tracks menu to half time

Use Punch sparingly

And make different patterns instead of recording parameter changes.

A lot of the punch and distortion can be added to the low end easily with a daw in post


Thanks those are solid tips…where on Track menu can you change them to half time?.

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