Looping specific bars of a loop / cycling specific pages of a pattern


This is something that has annoyed me a bit in the Elektrons - if you have a four bar long loop, and you’re working on the 4th bar, you can’t just choose to loop that 4th bar, you need to spin through the entire cycle to hear the fourth bar.

Ableton’s Push has this feature very well implemented - you can easily decide which parts of a loop/clip you want to loop, which therefore, in my opinion, makes piecing parts of a loop together faster and more intuitive.

Ideally, it would be great if you could for instance decide to chain bar 4 of pattern 1 with bar 1 of pattern 2, for instance - which would make transitions flow better.

One workaround could be to simply copy the last page of a four bar loop to the first page of the next pattern, and adjust the first pattern to contain only 3 bars, for instance. Rinse and repeat. There are lots of workarounds involving copying and pasting patterns/pages, but in the end, copying and pasting patterns around can become a bit messy, so it’s not the ideal solution.

But the reason I’m starting this topic is - would it be impossible with the current structure of the Elektron machines to achieve this through some OS update? I can imagine chaining bar 4 of pattern 1 and bar 1 of pattern 2 together being a bit of a hassle, and something that has do be done by simply copying - but the ability to loop just one bar of a loop, for instance, surely that should be possible somehow?

Opinions? :slight_smile:

Octarack - solo one page

If i understand this correctly you could resample your out and slide the crossfader to the assigned sampler track to hear the sampled loop and slice it and the last portion of your sampled loop which would be the fourth bar can be looped. And you can completely rearange the loop. Slice it into 4 bars if you are working with four bars loop. Or 16 if you are working with 16 bars long.

I do this all the time. :wink:


Arrangement/song mode


That’s another workaround, thanks for the tip. You can do stuff like this or copy + paste the bar(s) you want to work on to new patterns, it just seems a bit backwards for a feature that is so easily implemented in the Push.


Using arrangement mode actually works pretty well for this. I somehow thought you couldn’t adjust the parameters of a pattern while in arrangement mode. Doh! Thanks. :slight_smile:



Apologies for the noobish question. I have an audio track with slices trigged across multiple pages (1:4 2:4 etc).

How do I solo/loop just one of these pages? Eg 2:4?



You can either use the arranger

or copy/paste pages to a new pattern that is set to 1:1


Or press 32 times Fn+ left arrow to shift all trigs and reduce pattern to 1:1. :loopy:

Or be patient…:content:



(Found out that changing to a new pattern seems to delete my recording though - lesson for the future).


Most helpful advice. Move the pages to any convenient position, work with them and return.
Always did.