Looping single bar in a 4 bar pattern


I’ve created a 4 bar pattern and I want to edit bar 3. Is it possible to loop just bar 3 so that I can hear my edits without having to wait for the the pattern to cycle through bars 4, 1 and 2?

Many thanks!



I’d love this feature for ALL Elektron gear actually, was just thinking the very same thing for my A4.


Work around would be to function and left (or right) till bar 3 is bar 1 then shorten the sequence and return after you finish.

The suggestion of looping the current bar is a great one tho… Enjoyed that feature on tempest.


on the machinedrum and octatrack., you can copy a “page of triggers” by using
“scale setup + copy” …
Basicly you use it to copy the curent track’s current “page” (which is current bar) worth of triggers…

So yeah. copy your pattern to a new one (a spare one) copy the page to the first bar
and shorten sequence… edit until your fine with it… and copy the results back into your actual pattern…

(ok, i have to confess… i dont have A4 or AR… but i ASSUME this will work)

And yes… that loop feature you all are talking about… count me in… i would love it
Usually… i just do 1 bar patterns… and chain them together… so i can just edit the bar i want easy… works great… but sucks ass for longer sequences…

Enjoy buddies


Thanks for the responses guys, very much appreciated!


Definitely a necessary feature. Waiting 3 bars to hear a change you made on bar 4 is very unproductive. Especially if you have trig conditions.