Loop rows in Song mode


Hello guys,

This is my first post to this really useful forum.

I don’t find any clear information about how to loop rows in song mode.
I would like to loop between two chain rows C1 and C2 indefinitely.
C1,C2,C1,C2, and so forth.

I read one old topic from 2014 that said it is not possible and it recommend to create a long chain instead. But it is not really convenient. Maybe this feature is designed like this, so I won’t say it is a limitation, but I think other people looked to this before and maybe found something ?

Thanks you


The only thing you can loop a given number of times (but not endlessly I guess) are single rows (so either a single chain or a pattern).


To get “kind of endless” looping of two chains, I would combine both chains in a single row (effectively becoming one chain then) and set the loop counter of the row as high as possible.

If this is still not long enough, just copy & paste this looping row a few times.


Don’t you confuse loop and repeat?

Loop row is a loop end point. From that point you can loop between a defined start row(002 : C01 in my example).
It plays C01 / C02 looped infinitely (infinite symbol is highlighted). You can choose a number of loops instead (64 max).

Repeat is per row, up to 64. But you can also increase pattern steps, up to 512.
64x512 steps is more that 1 hour at 120 bpm.
It can be used instead of a loop row, for a single pattern.


This thread is about the A4 and it’s song mode, not the OT’s arranger … :wink:

I used the wording “loop” to adapt to the OP and since there are only REPEATS on the A4 I guessed it wouldn’t be confusing.

Obviously I was wrong :smiley:


:smile: sorry, it suited OT btw…not the first time I make the mistake!
I have a loop row tutorial ready for OT. :content:


Okay thanks.
So no way to loop indefinitely on Song Mode for the A4/AR.

Good to know that OT has such feature.