Looking for a reverb


250€ max but if i can have simple thing for my mix on send/aux (95% Machinedrum) for 100€ is the top :slight_smile:

And sorry for my english !

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+1 Quadraverb/Midiverb. EHX Cathedral gets an honorable mention.

Same riff on each of those machines for some nice A+B testing.


yes, there are some demos on synths that might give a better idea

then I encourage you to look at the Polara… great build quality and feel, simple operation, and great price! perfect for send/aux use

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a Yamaha Rev500 is a great bread & butter reverb for a studio outboard situation.

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For the moment, i’m really interesting in minverb/quadra… The Aphex riff influence me i guess !
Hard to choise between the both but i feel more the quadra. (i will listen the rev500 - thanks fmw)
About the Cathedral, maybe to “creative” for what i want. A simple thing.
I go listen some Polara now, very interesting too when i see the price and comment on the web.
And what about the Hardwire RV-7 ?

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How about a Lexicon MPX1?

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I have one to sell.

I own a few reverb boxes. My mainstays are the Quadraverb and the cathedral. I use the midiverb2 for ambient stuff. I have an empress reverb that I use on drums and pads sometimes.

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One more point for quadragerb :slight_smile:
@Tchu one lexicon or quadra ?

I’m forty :nauseated_face:
(French joke)

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I don’t know about the Quadra. So I can’t tell.

@tchu do you have the Ocean 12? Sound really good too.

I’m selling my Polara (uk). I’m going back to the Supernatural.

The Polara is the most versatile of the digitech verbs and Halo is :ok_hand:t4:

No. I discovered this product 2 days ago and I think it sounds really good. The guy in the video is a great player too. I didn’t get the info about the device being suited for Line Level products, though.


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I dont know, why not ! i will compare, but its difficult to me to choice on YT and the videos are always synth and i looking for drum.
Quadraverb is less than 100€ and have good reputation.

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I hear ya! Bottom line is, you can‘t go wrong with any of the suggestions really.

The Lexicon MPX1 you can find used for 100€-120€. It sounds decent, definitely good enough. And it‘s Lexicon.

Quadraverb is alright also, good value for money.

Just pick something and get going, it won‘t be your last purchase I‘m sure! :slight_smile:



Not sure who said this “The Best Reverb (Insert whatever) is the one you have right now in front of you”