Looking for a reverb

Very goods points @Joe_b indeed !

I agree, certainly in the terms of pure computing power older will not be superior.

What i do think people who buy into vintage gear/effects is paying for is something less tangible. Like a “quality” that is highly subjective. Of course not everything vintage is expensive, so buying old and used can be a bargain compared to not having anything.

As a photographer by trade it reminds me of vintage lenses that can cost 10x more now, compared to when they were in production. :slight_smile: Optical formulas does not age like processing power, but there certainly have been strides made, in coating in particular. Still some of us pay top dollar to get that “look” we want. Something that many times are the result of a flaw in the design, and sometimes even can be replicated in post.

Im sure there are exceptions as with everything, some vintage gear simply hold their own and is built to last. Electronics of course being more prone to failure than optics.


Another vote for the Quadraverb. I’ve just recently started using it on the FX Send of my mixer and it sounds great as a master Fx (at least to my ears)!


Good to know thanks, i the moment i wait to a good deal on Quadraverb or EHX Cathedral (yes not the same things). First a find, first i keep.

Also had the Cathedral many years ago, but I only used it on guitar. Good pedal, very versatile!

So as a master FX you think Quadra is better or you just don’t test Cathedral as master FX ?

I just didn’t test it, I only played guitar back then. :slight_smile:

@Rea_001 a quadraverb on AF!
I’d buy one, then another model to compare, eventually sell the worst after…
Ah, it’s a a Quadraveb, in Buxelles. :wink:


Sorry to complicate things a little but isn’t there a difference between a Quadraverb and Quadraverb Plus?

Yes, there is a thin, subjective line between vintage and junk.

I certainly appreciate the old-school sound and feel and even old-school workflows. I can even understand collecting gear for the sake of having a collection (still have my CD’s…). My comment was in the context of the OP who did not seem to be looking to evoke a particular sound from a particular period. He was just looking for a budget reverb.

To have a 20-30 year old unit shipped from the US to France, from a private seller, in the hope that it is in perfect working order and that it will remain so for several years to come, does not make practical sense to me. Those people buying vintage lenses hopefully know exactly why they are choosing those lenses over new ones and understand the trade-offs.


Yees thanks ! I just send a message to him :slight_smile:
I will tell you if it become mine or not !

For those looking at buying a nice reverb pedal, you might want to wait a bit, as there is a rumor that Strymon will be releasing a new (Volante style) reverb pretty soon.


Polara Reverb is so good for the price…

Straight into epic reverb and then 10 seconds later horns from outer space:


DFAM apocalypse (some delay here though):

So yea, best $169 spent on music gear lol

But it sounds like you might want a midi controllable/dual engine reverb? If so, you can ignore the Polara.

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Not specialy midi but stereo out, simple and less than 150€.
I had a +300€ Strymon reverb before… its nice on one instrument but totaly useless on master fx for me.
(Useless in the fact that i cant hear difference between 300€ and a 100€ reverb on fx master).
I have a el capistan that i never sell because i use it as a creative effect for exemple :slight_smile:


Apparently. Liveliness (:smile:) parameter is for high frequencies gain that’s it?

@Rea_001 I’m not sure if you mentioned the style of music you wanted to make with that reverb…
Apparently you don’t care about realistic reverbs. Do you like MD reverb? Do you want long, short reverbs, both?


Yeah thats the point. MD reverb is maby the solution with good parameter.
My sound is ambient and idm but i dont make this topic for the ambient part. Its more for the idm part with rapid beat etc… so i need a short reverb for all percusives sound :slight_smile:

MD reverb? :thinking:

@Leo-iSL quote!

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The Polara is stereo in and out.

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Polara is on my liste :wink: and i know i wiil test somes reverb :slight_smile:
Polara and cathedral for sure !

Yes ! And now a stupid question : why “Elvis” ? And i see Elvis face on my MKI haha but what the deal with the reverb ?

PS : i just order the quadra on AF :slight_smile: so curious to test it with my MD & DN. And i defenetly digg the MD reverb !