Looking for a chair for the studio

This looks very nice as well

The HAG Capisco Puls 8001 Xtreme is deffo something that I would consider, I´ll look into that thanks.

as others have mentioned, best thing imo is a used top ergo chair like herman miller
I managed to find a seller on gumtree, got a mira 2 for 250 quid

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I got my Aeron for £200. Just got to keep looking.


It’s only around a foot up and down, it tilts back and forwards. But remember these all might be slightly different. A real Eames chair will set you back around £2500. All the others are clones (some of them very good) but they might all vary. Mine tilts too, which I like, but I couldn’t remember where I got it from, it’s about 10 years old!

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Beat bang for buck on the market in my opinion. Sit in mine for work every day and make music from the same chair. Super comfortable

…an engineering chair is an important part of a studio…
no thing to underestimate for sure…

but even more important is the overall height of ur gear…
make sure u can STAND in front of it to work as smoothly as when u SIT in front of it…

an average office chair, no matter how fancy it comes along…won’t do the trick…
especially not those bossy ones to lean in over head heights…
so adjustable height beyond the average and rolls beneath are the first essentials u got to check for…

and always remain working BOTH WAYS…
makes all the difference…once u think in years to come…


I bought a pair of Dynamobel Dis chairs from an office clearance place. Leather upholstery, they would have been nearly £1000 each new, I paid less than £100 for the pair IIRC.

They did well for a few years but the WFH covid situation over the last year made it clear that as good as they looked, they weren’t doing my back much good. (I am predisposed to back pain as I have one leg shorter than the other, which means my hips angle and my back has to compensate.)

So recently I’ve been trying loads of chairs - cheap, expensive, and everything in between - and the standout winner for me was the Aeron. I think the thing that made it better than the others was the fact that they make them in different sizes. I’m 6’1” and the extra depth of the seat on the C size (4cm more than the regular size) made it instantly feel more supportive and natural.

I think the main thing I took away though was that it is very specific to your physiology: eg, I didn’t like any of the other Herman Miller chairs I tried. You have to try them, Internet recommendations only go so far.

The Håp Capisco was also really interesting by the way, I would like to try that as part of a sitting/standing setup some time.

I got mine for $500 CAD from one of those office refurb shops about a month after we got locked down. It was brand new and still in the plastic! The chair w/options that I got runs $1,950 new

This one is also good for powering your equipment


I spend probably more than 1/3 of my life in an office chair. So a good chair is one of the most important investments I can do. Eames 119 is gorgeous to look at, but I wouldn’t like to sit in it for hours every day. I was set to get one until I had a chance to spend a day in it. The clear winner for me is Aeron. Most comfortable office chair I’ve ever tried. I’d rather have one less synth than a cheap chair.

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i have the same chair and agree its super comfortable, but the back is crazy tall and i don’t love the look - a bit too businessy for my bedroom… would love to find a similarly ergonomic chair with a lower profile

You’ll want a good ergonomic chair. Especially if you do office / I.T. Work and will be spending the week parked there. Lucky for me they have a used office supply store right up the road from me and I got a really nice, new condition ergonomic chair. Move seat forward and back / front and back up and down / back tilts from top fwd and back / arm rests move in / out / fwd / bkwd / height adjustable. $250 is NOT bad when you think about spending $100 for a cheap office chair. It makes all the difference really. If you’re not comfortable enough to be in the lab making beats, it’s much less likely you will. So it’s one of the most important investments in the studio along with a desk, outside of gear. You can of course cheap out for a bit and get a used rolling office chair for a while or even a stool but my experience is that sessions are shorter and my neck and back stand more chance of strain and pain.

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Get a used PARTICK chair from IKEA.

I ended up with this and am so far very happy.

Herman Miller Aeron - the only choice (and don’t get a cheaper model) - anything less and you’ll be wasting your money because you will be buying another chair in a few years and or going to the osteopath.


This - second hand Aerons are about as good as chairs get as functional items.

Used one of these Steelcase Leap chairs at one of my coporate gigs years ago. Best chair I’ve ever used. Like it more than the Aeron.

Just ordered one last week for $1100 CAD (the website pricing is for buying direct but distributors sell them much, much cheaper). Spent $350 on a mesh chair similar to Aeron but after a year of use it’s just another piece of garbage (and my back/pelvis are out of whack largely based on this shitty chair).

If you truly want a chair you can spend hours in you’ll have to look into used Aeron or similar to what I posted. Proper ergonomic chairs are worth investing in.

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I’ve had my Aeron about five weeks now. It’s great.

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