Looking for 49 key MIDI keyboard where you can save chords to pads?


I’m looking for a 49 key MIDI keyboard (normal sized keys, nice with aftertouch, but not a necessity) that has pads on it that you can use to easily “save” chords on. So basically, if I play a chord on the keyboard, and press a pad, the chord will be saved to that pad. Basically just that.

Are there any affordable MIDI keyboards that will allow me to do this? I’ve seen quite a few MIDI keyboards with pads, but when checking out the details, it seems like these are for playing drums or trigger samples or whatever, which I don’t need.

Something slim and simple like the Alesis V49 would be perfect, but it doesn’t seem like you can assign chords to any of the pads on it.

Any suggestions much appreciated. :slight_smile:


I guess you can do this with Korg Taktile, but it’s a bit expensive, and features a lot of bells and whistles I don’t really need or want to pay for.

Also, Kordbot can do this, but same with that, too many bells and whistles I don’t really need.

So other suggestions much welcomed. :slight_smile:


If by chance you’re using ableton live, this could be done with m4l.
If not, thanks for the idea !


Hey, thanks! Yeah, but I mostly use it to just record and mix, don’t want to mess to much MIDI into it. But thanks for the suggestion!

I’m gonna check out the “ChordPolyPad” app on the iPad, and see if I find a good way to hook the ipad up to the A4. :slight_smile:


I seem to recall this being possible with the Arturia Keylab, but I can’t remember if it’s a function of the software or the controller, and if it would be available when used standalone.


I know some Roland keyboards, the DS and FA0 series, have pads you can do this with. They are pretty expensive ($500-800 new) but can be used as midi controllers or standalone. They’re basically SP404pads that you can sample into. Although I don’t know how limited this is and it may offer way more than you need.


Thanks for all the suggestions, guys! I really liked the ChordPolyPad app, so I’ve now ordered this little dongle thing (Iconnectivity something) for the Ipad which gives it a MIDI out port (so hooking that up to the A4) - we’ll see how that works. :slight_smile: