Longer patterns?

Hello world (i’m new around here)

Hope it’s the right place to ask questions, as it’s not related to one particular model of Elektron.

Here is my problem:

  • I’m currently using a Korg EMX, which has a maximum pattern length of 8 bars (128 steps)

  • I want to upgrade to some Elektron gear (probably A4 or monomachine), but they’re only doing 4-bars patterns

  • I need longer patterns, or a way to compose in realtime on a longer base (8 bars is ok)

So, is there a workaround on elektron stuff that 'd allow me to compose longer loops than 4-bars? & in realtime?

Note: I can imagine tricks that would probably NOT work for me:

  • working at half tempo: wouldn’t work because i guess it halves resolution. And also because of sync issues.

  • making “songs” or whatever kind of pattern-linking: afaik, you can’t compose this way in realtime. But i might be wrong…

Thank you!

Welcome bulb - upgrading to elektrons from electribes is a natural progression, you’ll dig it :slight_smile:

Pattern chaining is your answer. Very easy, so you’ll be OK if and when you make the jump.

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Thank you for your answer, dubhatonic!

Do you mean i can record in realtime with pattern chaining? So i could chain 2 (or more) empty patterns, and then only record my music on these patterns, while they’re looping from one to the other? It is not what it seems to me from what i read, but i might be wrong…

What i want is to compose/record on 8 bars patterns, not compose 2 patterns of 4 bars and then link them…

Yes, it actually works that way. Be sure to get your head around chain and song mode first though. There’s some useful mini-tutorial somewhere here on this board.

But basically it works like this: you add patterns to a chain, in chain mode the patterns are looped. As long as both patterns (or more if you like) have the same Kit associated you can simply and smoothly record your performance at whatever length you’d like.

Note that the current Kit automagically gets linked to the next empty pattern you select, so no additional step needed.

Also note, that it may work well for live rec mode, but in grid mode it is a bit more tricky, because you’ll always edit the pattern that’s currently in playback. So while editing it will switch to the other pattern under your fingers without notice.

So bottom line is, it’s way less comfortable than on the EMX when you need to do 8 bar patterns. The Elektrons were not designed to do this right, but to a certain point, there are workarounds like those above.

I wouldn’t do it live unless with loads of practice…

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Ok, snowcrash, i get it :slight_smile:

sounds ok to me if there’s a workaround.

Thanks for the answers!

if you get the A4 or MD … and this gave me a headache for quite a while … unless you have at least 1 trig in a new pattern (make that A2) and you want to chain A1 to A2 … the second pattern may only be able to have 16 steps (and not the required 64) … why … only photons and protons know …so, do your pattern A1 then proceed to pattern A2, set a trig into A2, increase step length to say 64, then chain, and all is well …

welcome on board bro …(I also went from EMX to Elektron, never regretted it)

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On OT you can have a different pattern scale per track, and another one for the master (= for the overall pattern)

This way you can set the master at 128 steps
Every track will have to be defined with a maximum of 64 steps, but the trick is the multiplier :
Track 1 : 64 steps with a multiplier x2
Track x : y steps with multiplier z


You can choose the multiplier to have either a good definition and more repetition

So for instance if I want to have a kick doing the same thing 4 times on the 128 steps, I may want to define it with 32 steps with multiplier 4
Or even 64 steps with multiplier 2, so that the definition of the bar is increased (I can now have a trig for half notes, nice)

For a longer pattern, I’ll choose 64 steps with 1/2 multiplier : this way I can define the pattern on the longer scale, ie 128 steps.
But the price is that I have now access to only 1 step every 2.
I can get around this with retrigs, etc. , but it is less convenient.

Yet this way you can work on only one pattern of 128 steps :slight_smile:

I don’t know for the other Elektron sequencers, but I’d bet it’s the same.

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It’s not.

Note that this does not actually give you more steps (to use Elektron’s terminology; it only increases or decreases the interval between the steps. The end result may, of course, be OK, depending on what you’re trying to achieve.

No. The OT is the only one that allows a different tempo multiplier for each track. The AF and AR can set a different pattern length per track, but not tempo multiplier. The MM and MD have neither feature.

I use this alot - chaining patterns and then live-recording.
The disadvantage of this is that you can’t undo what you’ve recorded
without erasing everythig previously recorded on the track you’re working on. ( That’s why I would like a memory-buffer per pattern - it’s on my wishing list )

If I make a chain of 2+ patterns (let’s just say on MnM) with the same kit assigned, does the kit reset at every pattern change or will any tweaks from the previous pattern remain, or will I have to save the kit before it changes (as I assume it works when not chaining patterns)? I don’t imagine I’d do too much live tweaking outside of pattern edits so it’s not a big deal, but it’d be nice if some little filter adjustments will carry over automatically.
(please excuse my lack of knowledge; my MnM still hasn’t arrived yet heh)

On other gear the philosophy is that changes to a kit are soft saved, so changing patterns would follow those modifications fine, you can also ensure last saved kit is loaded at pattern launch by ticking a check box

Exactly ! this is the reason you’l want to use thesame kit over different patterns. NO parameter jupms goning to the next pattern…