Logic Pro coming to iPad

I could live with a $5 a month subscription.

I honestly only use a DAW like 3 times a year. Subscribe when I need the DAW, cancel the subscription when I don’t need it.


1st. That commercial video. is so bad.
2nd. Subscription. Yup that sucks too…
3rd. Logic Pro on iPad is cool but where’s the iPad Pro Max aka 17inch?
4th. Is everything included or are we missing half?


I’m still upset that we lost Soundtrack Pro.


In my experience and opinion (and without knowing any details about Logic on Ipad):

Going full DAW on Ipad doesn’t work that well. It’s too fiddly, and is lacks the real power and integration of Desktop DAW’s. Feels forced.

Music making on Ipad is wonderful right now, plugging and swapping AUv3’s, Drambo, Loopy Pro, Aum, ApeMatrix, and so many more. It’s amazing… yet a different way of playing than on Desktop.

Maybe it’ll be different for Logic. Maybe not.

Ipad for me, is about transcending the DAW :innocent:

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They did quite well with Garageband for iThings. With the crazy fast/efficient processors in the new iPads it will probably piss all over what people were using in pro studios 10-15 years ago in terms of track count, plugins etc.

Fantastic price, shit model. One out of two ain’t bad.

Logic Pro is the only daw I ever remotely clicked with.

I’m checking this out.


I don’t think this is so bad so long as garageband is still free.

The academic pricing for the pro apps is pretty crazy low (so low I literally forgot I had a copy of FCP yesterday - because it came with my $200 copy of Logic) - I could see extracting some payment to justify continued development for the pro version if indeed there is some.

That passed quickly.

Now back to my Blooper :sweat_smile:


I’d be interested in a Loopy Pro style model where you pay for that year’s releases in perpetuity, and then have the option to upgrade. I’d probably end up paying the same or even more, but I’d feel better about it inside, where it counts,


The fact that there is no headphone jack on iPad is really an issue to use it as a mobile production tool taking into account we need usb c adapter and an audio interface

Considering this, I still prefer to use a daw on the computer


It’s Apple, so my bet is on the latter.


Well, and an iPad really isn’t dramatically more portable than a macbook air, unless for some reason you absolutely need a tablet shape for some reason.

I like the phrase “for some reason” for some reason.


I can almost predict that one will not be able to use the iPad’s onboard speaker to monitor any incoming signal when using an audio interface.

I think the iPad sounds amazing; but every time one hooks up an interface, there’s no way to directly monitor the signal without using the headphone out.

Just a thought… this issue has caused me to scrap too many recordings due to the snare or clap being extremely loud during the recording phase, forget about EQ/Mastering on my laptop - thing always freezes up on me.

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I’m lying on my bed typing this - much harder with a laptop…the iPad lends its self to be handheld, you hold it in one hand an operate it with the other…again, hard to do with a laptop…it may not seem like a lot but even when I travel with my laptop I take my iPad…it’s not about portable, it’s about handheld for me.


I like this move…the more full featured apps on the ipad, the better. I will use Final Cut Pro a LOT for my flying drone videos. imovie worked ok but sometimes need the full monty.

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It’s so beautiful:


subscription? No thanx.


they can keep their subscription, but I’d like to thank them for putting ableton on notice!