Loading Samples into Machinedrum SPS-1UW with Mac Big Sur?

Has anyone found a way to load samples into their Machinedrum using Big Sur OS? I have just acquired one and C6 does not work (as most of you know) with Big Sur. Are there any other apps out there that would transfer samples into the Machinedrum?

(welcome boombip :tongue:)

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SysEx Librarian can convert samples from WAV to SDS format?

no but Audacity can.

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Thanks. I use Sysex for system update but didn’t realize you could transfer samples using it.

So i need to convert WAV to SDS format and then it transfers over midi through Sysex? I don’t have Audacity. Any other apps that may work?


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Isn’t audacity free ?


Looks to be. Never used it. Thanks.

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Didn’t C6 stop working with Catalina because it is 32bit? I heard that all 64bit Intel porgrams work fine with BigSur and M1 machines? (Thanks to the new Rosetta). Maybe Elektron could provide a 64bit version of C6?