Load all samples from a directory to the Sample slot list?

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I have newbie question. It’s a little painful to load samples one by one from the Compact Flash card directories to both flex or static machines.

I plan to put my favorite samples (50 samples) in a dedicated folder of the CF card, and I would like to load all of them “in one step operation” in the flex or static machine ?

How can I perform that ?

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You cant. As far as I know (5 years octatrack user)
Load one slot at a time.
You can make sample chains though. And have all 50 samples in one slot. Then slice.

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You can‘t do that on the OT.
But you can do that and a lot more with OctaEdit


You can go from 1st sample slot and just keep pressing RIGHT. It loads the next sample to the next slot and so on



Thanks all for your replies. And a special thanks to “Clancy”. Your “tip” works like a charme !