Lo-Fi samplers, beats and things

I finally had a bit of time and spent 2hrs with my Rossum SP.
What a joy to muck around, pitch down, sequence etc.

Figured it would be a good opportunity to have other forum members chime in on their preferred toolkit, share their techniques, creations and all things lo-fi - hardware, software, pedals, whatever.

Here is what came out of my session this morning:


The idea of owning a Rossum or old mpc is appealing to me, but I can’t help but wonder how much the sound really changes for me to justify the cost. Like, am I paying for the image and mystique rather than what it can actually do? Doesn’t stop the gas however…

there are many ways to achieve “that sound” or “that groove”. Hence why the thread is aimed at everyone, not SP or MPC users.

Cost surely plays a major factor for most but this is not a thread for that. This is about workflow, technique and the creative side of things.

For me, workflow is a major part of the experience itself and in that regard the SP ticks every box.
Also, the new Rossum is a beast. Sounds identical to my OG but significantly faster and conveniently updated for the times without losing out on the experience.

I hear the Isla 2400 is also awesome of course.


Mate i also have the OG but I need a spare. « Just in case » how long was the lead time ?

I ordered it on launch day in November… was scheduled to arrive in Dec, didnt arrive until Feb. I’ve been told lead times now are between 6m - 1yr

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Hardware is one way I go about Lo-fi with an SP1200 and an EPS.

The other way is with the OTO BIM being fed my output of the SP16. I can then resample in software and it sounds good.

If I’m really lazy I use TAL sampler and then I output into my diode bridge 5254 compressor or TG1 compressor and barely tap gain reduction. I definitely get character that way too.

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I don’t know if this is exactly what you mean, I really like using the Arturia mellofi plugin along with a touch of Ableton’s bit crusher/sample rate reducer. High-passing most everything seems to get better there as well. I only dabble in Lofi music, especially lofi hip-hop but it’s a lot of fun when I do.

I also pre-ordered the new Gen Loss pedal for hardware tape-style nonsense. Stoked for that.


Not sure This counts but I like to sample into the PO-33 and back to whatever sampler I’m using atm. It adds some nice flavor.


It all counts guys/gals, keep em coming… i have to say I’ve never even heard of some of the create ways people use plugins, hardware etc to achieve that sound/groove.

example beats are welcome btw… dont be shy!

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I use the following (not in order):
Oto Bim

And, newly acquired yesterday, MI’s Beads

I still have Meris Ottobit Jr which takes line level, is stereo and has a great low pass filter. I’ve shelved it to sell, but it’s another less expensive option for lo-if grit

Definitely a ton of software options available. Too many to list.


The PO-33 def has THAT lofi flavor. Got an Sp404mk2 recently and can’t get exactly that mix of grit and saturation that the PO gives me. Was thinking about prepping some breakbeats in the Sp, resampling them into the KO then back into the Sp.

Edit: Volca Sample def has that old school grit as well, furthermore when you repitch… but the sample transfer protocol is such a pain in the bum.

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I’ve got an old rack sampler, and I guess the thing that is kinda attractive about it is that it makes decisions for you - instead of fumbling with a “lo fi” plug in, you just put stuff through it and it comes out sounding like an old Akai rack sampler.

Not necessarily “better” (i.e. worse) than say Decimort or whatever, but it is kinda different. It’s like stock “mojo”.
Although tbh, as mine is not one of the “cool” generation of AKAIs I feel like part of it is just that the amplifier stage is great cos samplers used to be really expensive kit…

I use Decimort a bucketload too though.

Also, I was accidentally overdriving an 808 through the mic pre on my cheapy behringer interface the other day and that sounded pretty cool. Golng to do that more.

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This thread is really making think I need to give the PO-33 another go!

I’ve been enjoying the sound of using the 'Lo-fi- effect on the SP-404mk2 for some fake lower-bit flavour then feeding that through the SP-16’s drive and filter.

Also used Decimort heavily (but subtly) and for saturation the now ancient PSP Vintage Warmer 2.

Zoom sampletrack sounds very SP 1200 to my ears. @Doug’s done some great stuff on it.


For the price, do it! I love mine!


Ive got the new Rossum SP1200 coming this fall. Ive owned the SP2400 and found it sounded great but the workflow and stupid knobs and encoder workflow i hated. Great song mode though. Is it worth an extra £2k. Im hoping so🫤

I actually got one for Christmas a few years ago. Even got a dichstudios.com case! Recreated 93 til infinity on it which was fun, then got frustrated with it and it’s been in a drawer ever since. But maybe just sampling in and straight out is key. The tiny imprecise controls and limitations put me off.


Interesting, I’m dead keen on an s2400 cos the sound but haven’t had my hands on one. Going to try one next week. I do place alot of importance on the look and touch of a device.

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Hope you love it. The mute buttons work but cheap. The main encoder i hated. Clunk clunk each press. How long it lasts hmmm held in place by one screw. Chipping paint issues check forum. But it does sound great.

Ha, yeah, most definitely frustrating!!

Hmmm maybe wait for version 2!