Live techno jams - MD AH Circuit Mono Station etc

Hey, here’s a couple of techno jams I recorded recently. I’m a long time Machinedrum and Monomachine user. I recently moved away from DAW production to an all-hardware setup consisting of the MD and MM plus a Novation Circuit Mono Station, Analog Heat, Eventide Space, Mackie 1642VLZ4 mixer and some EHX fx pedals. I’m really enjoying the directness of composing on that and having to perform every recording live. No more coloring in timelines and endless tweaking of automation (which resulted in me never finishing a track). Now I create the material, press record and jam it out live.

These don’t have the pretension of fully developed tracks. They 're recorded of the cuff to catch the initial flow and drive I had while composing the material.

There’s a starring role for the Analog Heat on these. I love the punch and grit it’s blowing into my old 'n trusty Machinedrum.


Like the Acidub Jam :ok_hand:

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