Live setup

Hi Guys,
sorry I have not much experience about Octatrack.
I would love to load and play different patterns for my live performance. As you know each patterns contains different samples of the musical tracks.
At this point I’m gonna ask you how could I arrange my live setup? Did you confirm that the only way to play a full song is using “sample lock” on the first trigger of the following pattern to change sounds and perform my live set?
I need to have a simple and easy way to feel easy as well on the stage.
Thank you

Parts are your friends.
You can have 4 Parts per bank of patterns and any Parts can have different sample and settings.
For example you have pattern A01 playing the drums on Track1 assign to Part1. On pattern A02 the same Track1 can be assign to Part2 an have drums of another song or something else with different fx and setting.

Every bank can have 4 Parts so that track1 can have 4 different sample/settings every bank.
In total you have 16 banks so you can have 64 different sample on the same track.

In a live set up I use max 4 pattern for each song and I divide the bank in max 2/4 song. Sometimes I use one Part per song sometimes 2.

Scene included :wink:


You can use sample locks, parts, sample chains. Up to you. No right or wrong way.
Many ways to skin an octacat.


if you are not super used to octatrack non of that would work for you for live performance, if you want it '‘easy’ way . depends how soon is your gig. if you want easiest way and you play structured song where you just need to mangle fx and use filters bounce full stems, drums bass etc and play that way. i mean if its a song, and its always played same way it’s no difference right. if you have loops going on and you just switch them whenever you feel like that than its better to use is like others said. gl