Live set issues - Troubleshooting Ableton based setup w/ hardware synths

Hello all-

Setup overview: I had an on gig issue with one of my live setups last weekend and was looking for some incite. This set is ableton based and straightforward, I’m sequencing a BS2 and a Monologue via USB and playing with scenes, stems within ableton. I am routing audio back into ART preamp/interface so it is able to be altered within ableton.
Here’s a vid/visual of the setup:

The issue: Awful harsh distortion/artifacts on the sequenced synths. Originally just noticed on the BS2 but was occurring on both eventually. Patch changes were unnoticeable, the sound almost seemed to be bitcrushed. This happened briefly during a line check w the BS2, listening through headphones I had a clear signal, and then also when I bi passed running the audio back into the interface but rather directly to the soundboard (making me think that’s the stage where the issue arises). Assuming that is the issue I’d love to know how to avoid it only so I can apply ableton effects to the sequenced synths. The issue did return during my set but during my last song and fortunately the synths’ roles weren’t major so I just turned down the volumes. I haven’t done a huge amount of these sets but with rehearsing have prob done 30 times and never encountered this. I haven’t been able to recreate since.

Any suggestions/ input is very much appreciated! Many thanks.

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