Live recording pops - tips on how to avoid

so lots of times i’ll play melodies in while recording and upon playback i get some clicks, etc. sometimes i can remove these easily enough locking amp parameters, but sometimes i struggle to remove them, the previous step to a click will have trigger’s trig that cuts off the melody or whatever is happening if i mess with it too much.

looking for any advice on how to avoid it. anybody else struggle with this?

Hi. First I thought you were talking about OT !

No a specialist, but with A4, Blofeld, and Micromonsta now, I can have clicky things with default init programs. Usually I increase release a bit, set attack to lowest value +1.
With A4, depending on sounds, I had better results choosing non dotted envelope, without reset, same for lfos, Poly settings can help too, for longer releasesounds…

What kind of sounds are problematic ?

Hmmn, last time was with long bass sounds, not sure if the problem starts when i start manually adding parameter locked notes, i might be cutting off and envelope. I try correcting the note length to the actual steps before the next note hits and still. Will try to reproduce the issue in a new bank/kit

Not sure if I’m imagining your experience correctly, but I think I had the same issue occurring.
One time i got rid of the click by switching off OSC retrig (page 2 in OSC 2).
The other time I just switched the quantise value back and forth.

maybe p-lock attenuate/decrease the dec and rel times of previous note (incrementally reduce these params of previous few notes perhaps to sound natural and logical or something) …

… and then also increase the att parameter of the offending note…

or try using two tracks for half and half the notes of the melody/line.

Will def check that out, thanks!

Parameter locking the previous decay and sustain and the following attack helps sometimes. Don’t remember if i messed with the release as well.