Live Recording Ignoring MIDI Velocity?


I’m having a fair amount of trouble getting the Nord Drum 3P to play nice with the Digitakt. I’ve spent a very long time debugging hammering on the subtleties of both manuals. I’m either missing something or there is a bug in 1.11 BetaV6 (same behaviors observed in 1.10).

I’m trying to have a live looper system where Dgtk is the sequencer and ND3P is the sound engine. Play the ND3P live against the Dgtk metronome and it’s there with velocity and micro-timing (ah, slop) the next loop around.

ND Pads to MIDI out - Dgtk MIDI in to Track A - Track A MIDI out - ND3P MIDI in to synth engine.

With local off on ND3P, MIDI channels all at 1 (both in the Dgtk sub-menu and on the SRC page), I can play with velocity live. The ND3P engine is super reactive and it’s easy to hear. When I record (quantized or unquantized mode) the note number and length are there as parameter locks, but the velocity is not.

The wrinkle is that it’s intermittent. The further wrinkle is that there are a lot of other intermittent MIDI behaviors, such as addressing Track B and then getting Track G. Also seemingly stochastic pitch mapping per channel - some pass through just fine, others change MIDI note number. When playing the Dgtk with the Nord Stage it records velocity.

Given the erratic nature of this, I’m inclined to believe it’s a bug. I set the sub-menu parameters to listen only to MIDI (not USB).