Live jam inspired by Chernobyl


Really enjoying Chernobyl on HBO these days. Here’s a quick live jam inspired by the show.

Noise generated by the ARs clap machine.


Thats some real new clear music right there

I enjoyed it




I’ll give you a like for that.


Needs to be about 7x longer :slight_smile:


I’m loving watching Chernobyl as well. Here is an excellent photo journal on Chernobyl:

Worth a read if you’re digging the show. Also it shows how accurate the HBO special is.


Dam thats nice, sounds about as dark as the show looks. Def dont let this one go. Get a nice burial beat under it (or what ever vibe you feelin) good stuff


Wow, great (and terrifying) stuff.

Check out HBOs podcast about the show (The Chernobyl Podcast) as well. Really interesting.


Thanks man!
Was just intended as a 1min instagram snippet but maybe it turns out as a full track in the future.


I hope so, nice work :heart_eyes:


Epic great work!


Been watching it too. Very realistic!