Live guitar looping + MDUW

Hi all,
This new track features live guitar/bass looping through the Mood and Machinedrum jam. Enjoy!


& here’s a short ambient tune


The first track (Way out) is right up my alley. Plus bonus points for usign the UW. It’s fun to use it and then the Octatrack and see the proto-octatrack connections. Nice texture with those drums mixed with the guitar (?) ambiance.

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Much appreciated, happy to hear you liked it, @tr909!

Yes, that’s indeed all guitar, played through CBA Mood.

Thanks again for listening!

Here’s more of that sort of thing. 100% improvised.


#livelooping #guitar #ambient #guitambient #fennesz #eivindaarset #davidtorn #electronic #improv

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Here’s more along those same lines, only in condensed, interlude-type form:


Sounds super cool!

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Bravo again. Can’t help but love things that put the older machines to such fine use. MDUW has a lot to give!

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So you’ve used both the MD and the Octatrack, I assume they must make a great match as well, live and in the studio?