List of known Pickup Machines bugs (if there are bugs)

I might be goofy, but the pickup machines are acting a bit improvised from time to time.

Are there any behaviours you are aware or certain of, do list them here,
also things you thought of as bugs, or good workarounds.

I have some odd level/gain behaviour,

what parameters are being copied (and what not) when using COPY TRACK?

the complete black box next to the P’ i have atleast solved now. It’s when building a (for instance) 16 step loop on a 64 step master grid. it stays black for 48 steps and then starts looping it after that. I’m ok with that but couldnt find it in manual.

Sometimes when having copied a pickup machine track, i will not act as the previous channel, audio might be mute, and i go to another channel and it works there. would just be so good to know if you guys are aware of odd stuff.

Scenes settings are not copied.

Having a growing number of threads covering the same issues tends to dilute the benefit of all of them … the wisdom gets progressively lost in the noise of duplication and the challenge of pinpointing by search … try to keep things together if possible

have you looked at the older threads discussing peoples’ gripes ?

here’s two I started amongst many if you try different searches … :thup:


very good point!! i’ll copy any information here and add to those topics instead