Life Inside a Bell, a new album by Maymind and Jon Natchez, of The War On Drugs

Life Inside a Bell, my new album with sax player Jon Natchez (of The War on Drugs, Beirut, others), is finally out today and streaming on all services.

This album started out as something else. It wasn’t an album at all. It was really just an excuse to hang out, turn on my drum machines, jam with someone who I admired greatly and was quickly becoming a good friend, and mourn the passing of my best friend, my dog Ezra.

Working through that grief was a major part of these recordings. The chemistry I felt with Jon was another; as we didn’t really talk much before setting up and jamming. We seemed to have a pretty instant musical connection that I was so excited to discover. This was pre-covid days, and I think I took being in a small room with another musician for granted back then.

Recording this album was some of my favorite music-making times of my whole life. It’s the first time in a long while that I recorded a ripping guitar solo. It’s the first time in a long while that I spent a good deal of care on the mixing (and the mastering, and the cover art, and the CD manufacturing…)

I hope some of you reading this will take the time to listen to this album front to back, without any distractions, perhaps driving down an empty road somewhere. Or sitting at home, with nothing but candles on. I structured it like a journey, and even though there are only four tracks, I think it goes a lot of places.

Thanks to everyone listening in this community; it means a lot.

Cheers all!


I will surely do it.

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This is really nice, love it

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thank you @Tchu! I think we share similar cinematic tendencies, so I hope you enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed yours!

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Thanks @scratch, really appreciate that and glad to hear it!

here are some setups of the gear we used for those interested too:

Software wise, most of it was done in Ableton Live 10 with plugins from U-he, Arturia, Softube, and Soundtoys. Jon ran his sax through a ton of pedals and that was recorded direct.


Tremendous work. I really like the Tracks. It sounds so good, great mixing and mastering. I love long Tracks. I don’t know why there isn’t more Likes or Comments. It’s a fabulous Album, congrats @maymind_trax!


Thank you so much for those kind words, @Tchu! I also really like long, exploratory tracks.

And also really glad the mixing and mastering is sounding good to you, worked really hard on both over the course of several years on this album.

Hope some other 'nauts get into it as well!

CDs just actually arrived yesterday and going to the post office today to send out some copies!

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Forgot to say that I will buy it next Friday on bandcamp.

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Very nice.

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thank you @DonovanDwyer!!

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Really digging the first track! It has the vibes!

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Always nice to see your hard work on some form of physical media! I’m on Robert Henke’s side; CD’s aren’t dead! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks to everyone for listening to these tracks!


Purchased. Once again, great music! :brown_heart:

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