LFO speed and multiplier explanation

I’ve searched the forum but can’t find a good explanation of how the speed and multiplier relate to cycles and steps. Is there some kind of formula or rule of thumb to think about how many cycles will go over a certain number of steps?


should shed some light

Nice. 128/128 = 1

From there I can figure it out. Curious, why 128?


This may be of use too

I believe 128 is the resolution of MIDI (usually 0-127).

it’s not that for sure, but the logic probably relates to the way binary maths pans out
1/2/4/8/16/32/64/128/256/512 etc
ie the multiplier provides easy ways to double and half, so it’s advantageous for the value to play nicely with that - plus there’s lots of useful musical subdivisions to be found (unlike if it were decimal in nature)
fwiw: I think the arp speed actually has a direct relationship to the midi ticks which are 6 per step - so 96 per bar , but the LFO factor of 128 per bar does not derive from 7bit (0>127) midi limitations as such