LFO destination encoder

Is there a way to change the direction of the rotary encoders? For some reason the LFO destination encoders are reversed: When you dial to the right, the selection moves down, when you dial to the left it goes up. It should be reversed. So, basically dialing up makes it go down. I would expect dialing up (to the right) would go up in the menu. It’s very weird. haha.

It’s not reversed. You’re incrementing through a list with the encoder. I can somewhat understand your point (as someone who prefers the macos style “natural” scrolling and inverted Y controls in games) but that’s just the way it is with Elektron gear.


I guess. I expect turning to the right to move up in a list. :slight_smile: So, it feels backwards to me. Maybe an update will let us change the direction. All the other encoders move up when turned to the right. For instance, numbers go from 0-128 when dialing to the right, not the reverse. So, it’s off the lists are reversed (to me)

I can’t think of a situation where a knob works this way when interacting with a list. Think of it as moving forward/backward instead of up/down if that helps recontextualise it :slight_smile:

The item at the bottom of the list has the value 127, because it’s at the end.


Yeah, I understand. It just feels wrong. On my mac, when I push scroll up the text goes up and when I scroll down it goes down. I think I’m used to that. I’ve never liked it reversed. :slight_smile: But hey, minor thing.

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This is an interesting one btw (UX nerd), not that it helps your mental model :slight_smile: But that change was made when they implemented the new trackpad gestures and touch screen controls - which shifted the metaphor to scrolling the page - where before you scrolled the screen.

I don’t use a trackpad so never switched to natural scrolling on my Mac - my mouse behaves the same on all my machines.

I’m not sure the best solution for that, for you, I would say that options are good but I do think that this would create an odd exception - you would be essentially making one knob 127-0 instead of 0-127.


I can 100 % guarantee that this will never happen :slight_smile:

Also, whether it feels like you’re dialing up or down depends on your reference point. If you turn the encoder clockwise, and you think about a reference point that starts in the 12 o’clock position, you’re scrolling down rather than up. So from that perspective, it works as you’re expecting.

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Just curious why you think they wouldn’t add that in an update? Seems easy enough.

I think if they made 0 the bottom of the list and made 128 the top of the list it would work for me. :slight_smile:

Because they don’t have a history of including UI configuration options (with a couple of exceptions), and it’s such an edge case that it wouldn’t be worth adding it, considering processor capacity/firmware space is at a premium on these devices.