Let's talk about pronunciation!

Duty with all of the excentuated-ness of the “T” would make you sound as if you have and extremely tightened sphincter (if you didn’t already have British accent).

As if my duty was to hold my pinky up while sipping tea when I say duty. Again, only if you were to just decide to say duty in an otherwise American accent.

In some parts of the US kids would probably just get beat up at school for saying it like that. We have to say “doodie” for safety reasons.

Plus it’s just easier to mumble and save our energy for more important stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

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Cthulhu fhtagn!

All depends on what your native language is. In terms of pronunciation and syntax, it’s easiest for Scandinavians (minus the Finns) and Dutch. The basics of English grammar are comparatively simple: all inanimate nouns are gender neutral and there’s no declination of nouns or adjectives.


I was expecting it to be more extreme. Totally understandable, even for a sloppy American language like myself.

Try northern Arkansas in the US
Ozarks up through the Appalachian mountains.

Also played some shows up in Fargo North Dakota US donchaknow.

While this clip is from a movie it’s pretty accurate including the flow of speaking.


Haha this topic is great, and made me realize:

As a Dutch person it often felt weird/forced to pronounce analog rytm or digitakt in the Swedish way, so I often pronounce them in the ‘logical sounding’ english way which makes no fucking sense since the machines have nothing to do with the UK/USA and I’m Dutch… :joy:

Logically, if I would choose to not use the Swedish pronunciation I should default to Dutch which sounds even weirder, but still more close to Swedish than English.

Digitakt in Dutch would be:
Dee -gchee(throat sounding hard g) tah kt

Any other non-native English speakers notice a similar weird urge to pronounce non-english words in an English accent?


Before opening the Pandora box, why don’t you ask the creator?

Just kidding, it’s actually pretty funny and I learn a lot, thx…
Also learned about vocal fry and uptalk. I could care less.


My wifey is Swedish and she pronounces it Dig-e-tahkt when speaking English or Swedish. She’s my wife so shes right most the time anyway, but she is double right this time.

Riddim. Ride da riddim!


I don’t mind when people say it like “jif” as long as they also say “gaypeg” for jpeg. Just be consistent dammit.


I’ll be ri-damned.

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It means that once you eat the cake you can’t have it again, or you can’t have it both ways, anyway the cake is a lie. :wink:


Wild! Here I thought Digitone was the Digit One. :upside_down_face:


AGREE :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I imagine in Germany it’s something like DIE EIGEIT TON!

runs and hides


It rhymes with rigatoni


Yea! Ridge-a-Tony
Because of the ridges. You can see them right there!


NOW youre talkin!


Beer. Bear. Bare.