Let's meet up for collaboration

Hi there,

Inspired by a collaboration thread I’d propose to have a kind of user map with actual location on this forum. I know this from other (non music) forums and I would really like to meet some of you guys for jamming or just watching you doing your stuff in real life (music only haha).
So anyone got a good idea how this can be achieved?

Like adding location and potential interest in a meet up in the profile summary?


I have a dream

of a mega jamming session

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Yeah I’d be down, North West Uk I am.

Maybe the mods can vote or someone can do a"nautical" map. I imagine going to a business trip somewhere and look up who’s to meet there…

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You can already add your location in your profile, some people did.
But yeah great idea! I am in Montreal if somebody wants to hangout :totes:


Yeah but it would be cool to have kind of an overview and just pm people in your area. Sometimes there are subforums for people from distinct areas but I don’t like this. Elektronauts has a super open minded and worldwide community so it would be a Shame to split this spirits into different regions.
If you could just zoom in a map with dots marking members willing to jam (maybe with preferred styles) it would be ubercool

Indeed. It’d probably be safest for folk to volunteer in to a 3rd party web based thing externally which can show location and link from that (somehow) to their profile here. These things do happen on here from time to time on an ad hoc basis - normally after a shout out. But I don’t see that the mods can facilitate/supervise anything - but there must be something out there to make this work as described

We can ensure there’s good visibility on here in any case


Manchester, UK here.

hit me up y’all.


I see your point. Maybe it’s because elektronauts is my only www social network. I don’t want to use Facebook and that stuff. I tried to look up if there’s an app or something like this but didn’t find any…

But again you are right. Why not develop one ourselves. I will ask a friend of mine who is pretty cool in webdesign. Seems at least as I don’t have any skills in this. I will ask him to do kind of an webinterfave that does what I described. If successful we might put it as link here in forum. (keeping gearsluts out, edit: <— joke)

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There are websites that offer to compute a location that is half way to everyone involved.
One example :

We used a similar website with friends, one just set it up and sent the link, and everyone interested would join.
Of course, if we mix up continents there are chances we have to meet in the middle of the ocean ^^
So the idea would be to create one for each continent I guess :slight_smile:


You’d imagine that Google maps could be utilised to do something useful … and private by invitation

Btw, I would be really glad to meet Nauts !!
I should have some time free in the next few months, let’s do it quickly :smiley:


There’s actually something, slightly different from what was proposed but still can be useful.

You can see it in action here :



Cool. Something the Elektron admins would need to explore if there was interest

This looks pretty good. Another option would be to make a meet-in account or something similar. I have to explore how this works in detail.

If you ever pass by my location I’ll try to find us an interesting concert to visit and maybe jam a little bit (I am not good at it I have to admit).
That’s the spirit :wink:

I’m a Gothenburger, if anyone wants to hang out for coffee and music.

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The ship hopefully


Interesting idea! Would be great if someone can put together a map which shows location of members interested in jamming together :grinning: