Let’s twitch again

Who is on Twitch and stream Elektron junk?

I just started, but there be no schedule, no saves, no talk, no chat, just pure boredom me tweaking knobs occasionally - oh and my user name is


Let’s be friends!



Saw ur stuff on youtube, that’s cool man !
Definitively not going to spend time and money to film myself, but ur performance remind me that I should put myself into building an Ableton template for jamz…

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Thanks man, you should… would love to hear! I’m eager to do lots of digitone / Bitwig junk… got some ideas…

alive with the digitone & bitwig 3

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Some Bitwig 4 beta / Digitakt action

Link above

Alive with digitone

Link above

Alive doing stuff with the Digitakt and the Micro freak

(Not anymore)

Doing nonsense with Digitakt, Overbridge and Bitwig 4. Streaming for my crowd of Zero! :slight_smile: