Learning Model:Cycles, beginner's questions

Please contact support.

Could it be that somehow the oscillators are out of phase?
I guess all it needs is a phase resync when new pattern starts playing.

That seems feasible.

Am doing the support ticket now.

EDIT: Submitted.


Ugh this is a hard one getting used to. I’ve been switching all my instruments with one power strip switch for years. Now I have to remember turning off the M:C separately…

But please sanity check me here. Just started toying with my new M:C. I think I’m seeing that when I edit a pattern, then save it to project with func+config (held long, not the short click temp save) and then power it off via power strip, when I start it up again my edited pattern has not been saved. Is this because I should have explicitly saved the project too? Is this not required when turning off via the M:C button?

I have to check this, but I was under the impression that neither the pattern nor the project were saved if you power the M:C off with the power strip (which I also use, of course, and it’s become an habit).
This has to be tested further and confirmed.

I asked @eangman to write such precisions in the manual, because there are several levels of saving, and it is not consistant between the machines.

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Yes indeed. Just went through it again to make sure I hadn’t read over it.

Testing results:

  • edit patterns + save patterns + external power off = patterns not saved

  • edit patterns + save project + external power off = patterns not saved

  • edit patterns + save pattern + save project + external power off = patterns not saved

  • edit patterns + internal power off = patterns saved (though I expect not when switching projects)

So it seems it retains nothing if not turned off with the internal button. That’s counter-intuitive. When there are explicit save functions available I expect it to work regardless of the power down method.

@eangman This is really something I would expect to find in the manual. And the behavior of older boxes is by far preferable to this…

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This is what I had observed.
On M:C you HAVE TO use the blue button to switch off and save. There is no other way to save.
I already lost many hours of tweaking because of this.

I talked about it to Elektron, but what I understood is that so far there seems to be no solution to prevent this.

Seems to me if they can have it save the project state on power button press it should be possible when selecting the project save function in the menu. Maybe the hardware doesn’t allow it without a glitch or stop in audio/sequencer? I could live with that.

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Ah wait! There is more to it. If doing a save project, then powering off externally and restarting, the edits are not restored. But that’s only for the working project. Now explicitly load the saved project and the edits are restored after all.

Note to self: Save projects. Save projects. Save projects.

Same goes for save pattern to project.


This looks like something that coud be treated as a bug.
Please report to Elektron support, so that they fix this.

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Will do.

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Yeah, I agree with you. I will add to the manual that it really should be switched off locally. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Also good that you made a ticket with a suggestion to change the shut down behaviour. No idea what can be done about it, but making a ticket increases the chances that it will be looked at.



Where is the free pack you get after registering your unit? I cannot find it. Thank you!


Can t find this in the manual: is it not possible to copy a track with the sound included, so trigs and preset? Seems I can only copy the trig sequence and have to manually save and load the sound preset to transfer it to another pattern.

My understanding is that there are no init patches. In other words you cannot get to every sound the M:C can make from any patch. There are different machines and factory patches for this reason. Am i wrong on this?

Not 100% sure I’ve understood your question but [TRACK] + [PLAY] will clear the preset/sound (set default params for machine). Then all you have to do is change the machine to what you want, and you can get anywhere you like, without using presets.

Is that what you were asking ?

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Close I suppose. Maybe a better way to put it is that I was under the impression that not all the preset “Kicks” would be able to be produced from the same initial “Kick” machine patch, and that these presets were sort of starting off points for types of operator behavior. This would be different from the DN lets say because all different types of sounds can be produced from the initial patch in theory.

When you load a new project, the defaults are:

T1 - Kick machine
T2 - Snare machine
T3 - Metal machine
T4 - Perc machine
T5 - Tone machine
T6 - Chord machine

Any track can contain any machine (or several via Preset/Machine locks) and yes, you could for example, create a Kick preset from a Perc machine. Presets are all based on the machines listed above, along with specific parameters and effects settings. Each machine is best suited to a certain type of sound but things get interesting and unpredictable when you experiment.

The manual describes the machines as follows:

Approaching synthesis in the Model format, with its one-knob-per-function control, was a daunting task. We wanted focused controls, yet maximum sound-shaping possibilities. The solution was to take the FM engine from the Digitone and then completely re-arrange it to form six different machines: Kick, Snare, Metal, Perc, Tone, and Chord.

Each machine is a unique mapping of the engine, and we have spent countless hours tweaking their four available macro controls – Color, Shape, Sweep, and Contour. Turning one of these knobs changes several, under-the-hood, parameters at once, allowing the machines to be tweaked both effortlessly and immensely.

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Thanks for the detailed explanation. I think the conclusion here is that I was wrong. :grimacing:

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You’re very welcome. I wouldn’t say you’re wrong.

Not all the kick presets use the Kick machine and there are no true init patches if you consider each machine’s default state to be a preset.

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