Lars&Lucy - Omu


Just wanted to share some legitness ive been listening to on Youtube.




This pretty amazing. I like the tune, too.


Pretty bonkers! I wish there was a bit more info on what is going on


Let’s see…

  1. It’s Lars Dietrich, a legit jazz muso who played with Herbie Hancock
  2. Seems to have legit music composition/arranging skills
  3. Title is a reference to Nausicaa


Nice! If you like this and haven’t heard the new Holly Herndon album, you should!


Wow. This is great. Got a sub from me!


Pretty sure he plays with two ai’s


Apparently Lucy is made out of Max/MSP


I love Lucy, 8Legions is dope too

Im guessing the whole system is programmed on Max, at least the acoustic instruments.


thanks god MIDI was invented !


Some more mechanical goodness:


reminds me of that cgi video everyone used to showcase Tv’s a few years ago.

Here is one of Pat Metheny and his Orchestrion