Korg Volca Modular


Seriously. When I listen to the OB-6 over my Klipsch speakers on YouTube it sounds like it’s from another realm still.

Volca Modular sounds harsh and unappealing and simply has no place in my setup, even though I’m never going modular. Too imbalanced of a time:result ratio for me, I was just considering the Volca Modular because it’s so cheap even though I’ve already owned a Neutron and sold it.

This says nothing of the Minilogue XD though, which I am interested in.


I’m not sure anymore, lately many of the synth demos sound unpleasing for some reason. I remember watching sonistate doing review of erebus3 and going on and on about how awesome and exactly the same it sounds and all that time I was thinking ‘how can this sound so incredibly bad’.


I don’t understand your statement.
Did you understand mine?


This is a classic electronic music recording, featuring a Buchla modular - the granddaddy of West Coast synthesis. If you don’t like any sounds in this recording, the Volca Modular is simply not for you:

Don Buchla was against using a keyboard interface for synths, forcing them to confine to Western equal temperament, wanted synths to be used in the pursuit of the new instead of the old, etc. That’s why the East Coast approach took over the pop music world instead.


He said scotastic to sell to the Scottish market and clearly it’s working :smile:


The trad jazzers will be looking forward to a scatastic expansion then.


I’m buying, but probably as a funky modulation source for my Monotribes.
5 out of the 6 I have, have external inputs to control Filter Cutoff.
As the s&H can not be clocked synch, coming into the filter of the MT
from the korgModular, I betcha it can be.

Oh, the form factor with the press in cables does not bother me.
I was breadboarding circuits on radioshack stuff back in the 70s.

Will bring back the teen experience where DIY was a thing!

2019 marks my 42nd anniversary of my first keys in 1977, an ARP solina.
42 is a magical number.


Finally, a better demo of the sound of the Volca modular, it is in Spanish but you get to hear a bit more of each section and a wider range of tones than on all the other demos.


Nice video. It was good to hear the LPGs and other modules do their thing. The combination of the built-in sequencer plus motion sequencing adds a lot to a small package.

Two cross patched Volca Modulars would be phatter and funkier than one. Darn it, I’m warming up to this, and it’s so much cheaper than what I used to have with two Serge Creatures in one boat.


Yeah he’s getting some really smooth sounds out of it! I’m liking the space out reverb a ton


Nice find… just skipped through that video but there was plenty in there to get interested and excited about. I think the Reverb is quite nice sounding but I can foresee it getting the proverbial kicked out it by a lot of folk. But used more subtly and then with some more dubby external effects on sends and I can imagine losing myself for hours with this.


But no MIDI out


Agreed. And I doubt I’ll actually buy this, but they could still be patched to one another via CV, which is its own form of modular fun. I also have a CV to MIDI converter, if needed.


Korg put out a 5-part video tutorial series on the Volca Modular over the past day or so (with maybe more to come). Here’s part 1. Notable to me because it’s a gentle, beginner-friendly approach to modular using west coast concepts, with clear explanations and no obfuscation. Which I feel is a more rare thing than it should be. They’re obviously hoping to pull in first-timers, and it’s a nice touch.


I find myself liking this Sweetwater demo video quite a bit. The bowed-style sounds at the beginning are part of the kinds of things I’m looking for. But they also pair it nicely with the Volca Drum and play actual musical-ish patterns and sounds and hell - it just looks and sounds fun.


This is going to be an impulse buy to fool around with. Would pair nicely with koma field kit fx! Feel like it doesn’t go well with the drum, think it would benefit more with the beats or the classic 808 909. It’s gonna be difficult to fit the modular well in the mix i think. But it’s a soundpalette which i don’t have yet, very raw, with that twangy reverb too much open it can sound like an old springreverb which has been kicked around a few times hehe.


I quite like this demo guy, but the way he speaks and his mannerisms remind me of Brains from Thunderbirds :rofl: :brain: :rocket:

About 42 seconds in


Thanks for the heads-up, it was a really good series of tutorials. Nicely informative and succinct with some really cool patch examples. My interest in this device continues to grow… and I really like how it provides a nice entry into less common synthesis for those looking to experiment without breaking the bank.


Personally, I dig what I’ve heard of the onboard reverb, but here’s a demo I found utilizing an expensive outboard pedal:


Not a huge fan of the tone of the Volca Modular but the EQD Avalanche Run sounds fantastic.