Korg Selling Off Synths ( OPSIX, Drumlogue, etc ) Discontinued?

I HOPE the opsix will still be produced. Dang that’s a magical synth every time I take it for a spin.

But glad Modwave will definitely still be produced


Korg just announced Wavestate Mk2 & SE. it is difficult for me to believe that the OPSIX won’t get a second chance of some sort too.


Opsix desktop, c’mon Korg :crossed_fingers: :four_leaf_clover:


OPSIX desktop, but combine the OPSIX front panel with the 8-part multitimbrality and individual outputs of the TX-802.


Desktop6. The name is too perfect for it not to exist.


Fun little snippet of video with Scott catching Korg developer Dan Phillips on status of Wavestate before the announcement of the new Wavestate stuff.

I guess he couldn’t say, “No comment.” Notice his expression, and struggle – as he works out what to say. Keep watching for a while.

The problems of being open for discussion, when you’re on the inside. Good journalism by Scott ! He grills Dan.

This video gives some insight into the mind of a developer with this product. Scott also asks about the module version. More struggling by Dan.

ADDED : Korg had over a year when they received ZERO CM3s.

ADDED : Why the small screens ?

ADDED : We definitely can expect to see more stuff in the three synth line. From almost at the end of the video.


(moving this part of the discussion to this thread where such discussion is on topic)

Given that Korg has released not one but two new Wavestate models and they plan to update the Modwave and OPSIX (according to the summary of the above video) we have enough information to re-evaluate the situation.

Roughly a year ago, Korg kicked off a fire sale for the OPSIX in the USA and marked the Wavestate as discontinued. Some sales people told customers that Korg complained about supply chain issues.

Putting all of this together, a likely sequencer of events is as follows:

  1. The Korg OPSIX / Wavestate / Modwave line met or exceeded Korg’s sales expectations. This was despite (or perhaps because) of the pandemic.
  2. At the same time, Korg encountered enough supply chain difficulties to discontinue the Mk1 models.
  3. Korg engineering was likely already planning on an alternative to the original Raspberry Pi Compute Modules that they used. Either they expected to upgrade to newer and more powerful CMs as they became available, or they wanted to decouple from Raspberry Pi and fab up their own ARM based SBC/SoC (Single Board Computer or System on a Chip).
  4. One year is a fast timeline to finalize a new iteration of a product, get it manufactured and then into the hands of retailers. It is likely that this was already in progress when Korg started the discontinuations last year.

Overall, I’m very pleased with these developments. I got a firesale OPSIX and a decent price on a used Wavestate from an Elektronaut. Both are excellent synths given what I paid. There are numerous ways in which they could be improved, but I’m far from dissatisfied. It is good to know that there will be more of these devices coming. While some people will be satisfied with plugins, I find the hardware to be superior to the VSTs and doubt that I’m alone. I’m satisfied with the light 37-key devices. It would be nice to have a keyless module version as an option without having to take a saw to my device, but keys can be convenient too. I probably won’t go for the larger SE versions, but once again I can see why people might want that.

These new devices imply that Korg is in good financial health and has been making solid strategic decisions through the pandemic. Say what you will about corporations, but Korg has been making great synths for decades. I hope everyone involved is rewarded with long and satisfying careers.

I’m not an insider at Korg or anywhere else in the industry. I’ve been building software for a long time, and have worked on a few hardware-adjacent projects. Most of the above is just low-speculation first principles reasoning. I’m skeptical and encourage you to be skeptical of claimed insiders offering information. People who actually know don’t usually say except via official channels, and people who do talk often know less than they think they do. Speculation is fun, but it looks like my assumptions of possibly poor financial health for Korg were unfounded.


Seems that polyphony & keyboard are the only significant improvements, there are two new noise waveforms but otherwise nothing new.

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Argh, it’s almost 4x the price of the original opsix for some more voices and a bigger/nicer keyboard?

I’m almost considering an opsix mk1, I was waiting for a desktop version as I really don’t need the keyboard but seems like the opsix mk1 is a lot of value compared to the SE.


Same here, considering getting the original.

Nice to have more polyphony, especially for unison/evolving sounds, but price got a huge bump for sure, also about 4,5x in Sweden.

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Haha, that’s exactly where I’m looking it from, got shocked by the 25k SEK price tag.

My firesale OPSIX with tall dog module conversion is looking better all the time. Wish they would update the sequencer for 64 steps.


At 20k SEK gap you can buy 100m of keyboard :grimacing:


I’m really surprised by the focus on this being a stage keyboard. Like, comes with a flight case? Was not expecting that. Especially as stage keyboards are the one place where Yamaha are still dominant in FM. The MODX6 is pretty comparable cost-wise and has the Montage’s AWM2 as well as FM-X. No aftertouch, though, which may explain Korg’s touting that.


I honestly don’t understand some products from Korg.
I would never put out that money for this keyboard???

edit: i mean i loved opsix, but i wouldn’t buy this version of it, never ever!


Nearly everyone I’ve seen:

“Please Korg! Desktop module! Desktop module!”

Korg: “Full size version?!”

“No! Desktop module! Please I just want a desktop module”

“Loud and clear! Full size keyboard!”

“I don’t have the room for that, korg!”

“It comes with a case!”


Maybe they are going for the futuristic church market? It is funny seeing the crossover of music tech and worship tech. Lot more mixers sold to churches than music venues it seems.


Oh Korg…

it’s not the 80s any more korg. fm enthusiasts have changed.

(i reckon)

for 61 keys, i might have given the SE a look to replace my Digitone Keys but no apparent multitimbraility is a dealbreaker, alas

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