Korg arp odyssey urgent live problem

hello all,

i’ve got a live show tomorrow (using a digitakt, heat, abyss, arp, and a pedal board) and i went practice a bit this morning but my arp won’t make a sound from any outputs, and the lfo light in the slider isn’t pulsing like it normally is - ie broken.

i’ve obviously cranked up the vca gain so it should make a continuous noise anyway etc. please help me try and fix this, as i’m along way off doing a perfect run through ready for tomorrow

the red power light also flashes when it’s turning on (can’t remember if it always did that)

thank you for any help

Sounds like a defective unit. I’m sorry but I don’t really see how we can fix this? The Karp Odyssey is mostly surface mount tech AFAIK, not going to be an easy fix if something’s broken inside…

You’ve no doubt tried replugging the power cable? Maybe its connected loosely?

what i was scared of, but it’s looking that way…

yes, i’ve tried replugging everything in in different places, only havent tried a different power cable (can’t find my old minilogue one). it still powers on though, just no lfo light or sound - could a different power cable maybe fix this if i somehow found one?

ps - anyone in the stoke newington area got an arp odyssey module i could borrow for two days in a worst case scenario?

I dont know if this helps, but there are equipment rental companies, a quick phone call to one to ask their prices is also a viable plan-C?

As the Karp Ody is a current product, I’d wager one should be quite possible to rent.


can’t really afford rental right now but i can borrow my friend’s ms-20 mini for a similar effect on stage, thank you though. have to wait til 6pm is the only annoying thing

if anyone has a solution, please let me know - otherwise i’ll just use a back-up synth for now

It’s a Module odyssey ? look the switch for change midi canal

it’s the module, yes

midi channels are all fine and i’ve tried on all channels. the last dip switch is just for auto-off

got too much to do this morning to go get it fixed or swapped, using my old minilogue (not as lively but saveable presets makes up for the fact i lost a day of practice).

and yes, i really was hoping someone knew this - i wouldn’t think there’s a way to ‘reset’ the arp, seeing as on the hole, what you see is what you get. but if anyone knows a way to reset an arp, please tell me because it looks like that would fix it

My KARP did the exact same thing the other day. This is the only other instance of this happening I could find. What ended up being the problem? I’ve got mine boxed up and ready to exchange for a new one, but if there’s a fix, it’d be nice to hold on to it.

sorry to hear!

no fix on my end so i returned it for a new one. that one then recently stopped responding to midi, so instead of getting a third unit/repair, i decided to swap fro a bam reverb

lord do i miss the arp sound tho

Had this same “problem”. The answer is right in TFM.

Power LED

This is lit if the power is on, and is unlit if the power is off.
If the auto power-off function is disabled, the LED blinks several times and then
stays lit when you turn on the power.