Knowing what project rytm/a4

Is there a way to see what current project your in use ?

When i first select a project it shows an arrow next to the project in use, but when i come to save later on, the arrow isnt there anymore. could be a week later and i dont know where to save then.


Found out its not possible to see


I think, if you go to the save menu, the one that is highlighted is the one that is active… Not 100 percent sure, have to check later

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I’ve just tested it with a spare A4MK2 which is still running 1.40A and wasn’t touched for months.

The arrow is there indicating the active project and it also changes the highlighted line to the active project each time I open the save project menu again (no matter which line was highlighted previously).

So it works as described in the manual with this older firmware version.

I opened the save project menu via [FUNC]+[GLOBAL SETTINGS], btw., but this shouldn’t make a difference.


Same with the load project dialog. When I want to check which project is currently active, I check in the load dialog.

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Yes that works when I have just loaded or saved a project but when I’ve checked back in a couple of day there is nothink highlighted.

Ye this works when first saved or loading a project but when Ive checked back few days there is nothink highlighted.

I ask elektron they said

The browser doesn’t really keep track of the contents of the RAM, it’s just designed to load stored projects and to save the contents of the memory so the concept of which project is in use doesn’t really apply.

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As I wrote:

I guess this qualifies for “a few days”, isn’t it? So if it doesn’t work with the latest firmware version this is clearly a regression and not a “it was always this way”.

I guess it was October when I’ve turned this spare A4MK2 on the last time (it was completely disconnected from power) and I’ve done nothing else than heading directly to the save project menu (a few times to check also the highlighting) shortly before posting.


From the AK manual: The currently active project is linked to the slot indicated by a small arrow in front of the project name.


I thought it would have always been highlighted but elektron seem to think not.

I’m not totally sure how long it stays highlighted for for, ill have test it a bit more.

One thing I’m think is that I use it within a Ableton live with overbridge maybe saving the overbridge recall, removes the highlighted project.


I always have that problem too with Digitakt/Digitone. Let’s write Elektron a feature request - because it’s pretty annoying to not know this without speculating - there should be an arrow or whatever to mark/highlight the current project

Now that’s a completely different story!

When you have Total Recall enabled, there is simply no project on the +drive it can mark as the active one, because all project related stuff is stored on the computer (and gets loaded from there).

From the Overbridge manual:

When activated, Total Recall enables the plugin session to store the complete state of the device along with the plugin. When you save the DAW project on your computer, it also includes the entire active project of your device, including all kits, patterns, songs, sound slots, et cetera (similar to everything that is included when a project is saved to the +DRIVE). This convenient feature enables your device to recall its exact state, as it was when you left it the last time you worked on your DAW project.


Yes but still ill have to test as I don’t always use it within ableton and overbridge.

So not sure this is full reason why its not highlighted


somewhat related: when exporting a project as sysex, is it possible to get the information out of the file when it was created? sadfully i didn’t make notes on a specific project