Knob automation not smooth Model samples

Hi fellow knobfreaks,

Recently I bought the M:S as a companion for my Novation Circuit to have more sample tracks and it works pretty nice but there is one thing that really bothers me.

When I want to record a knob automation like a smoothly raising the volume/distortion knob it doesn’t record it smoothly at all. For instance I have a drumroll over 4 pages and I want it ro increase in volume/distortion by simply turning the knob instead of changing the velocity of each note/trig. When I record the knob turn and play it back it has notes that didn’t gradually change in volume but appear ro be much louder, like accents.

Is my knob dull? is it a bug or is it a setting that conflicts somehow with what I want?

I also don’t like that a new automation recording does not automatically remove the previous one so it will be a mess of layered knob turns…

Somebody else have these issues?and what to do about it?

Could be that it didn‘t register the motion and you‘re hearing the original triggers? I have that occasionally when recording slower sweeps on the Digitakt, I guess the machine assumes you stopped turning the knob when you‘re actually doing a slow – too slow? – sweep.
Maybe that‘s also where these layered messes come from you mention. It might be something different in your case though, dunno.

There’s no slide trigs on the model samples.

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Live recording a knob is still a form of locking a parameter per step so on play back it is going to have more of a stepped effect. Only some elektron devices have parameter slide which would give you a smooth automation type effect. You could parameter lock an lfo to get this sort of effect if it is free.

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@bwo what do you mean by locking? changing a parameter gradually doesn’t seem like locking a parameter to me.
Recording knob turns is a function I really like on my Novation Circuit and it is one of the reasons I bought the M:S too.
Whats the use of being able to record movements if its not accurate and smooth?

Like per step on the sequencer when live recording a knob movement it will put a parameter lock on every step you move the knob at, which isnt a smooth interpretation but a stepped one. The novation puts a glide between the recorded knob movement and more or less fakes what you did, if you move to fast it will be beyond the resolution of the recording and it wont copy what you did. Korg also puts this sort of glide on knob recording on most there machines. There are advantages to either one, the direct locking style works well for a lot of parameters at once, you can do a ton to your sounds on a per step basis which is pretty neat. You can still do stuff like lock the lfo to target the volume and create a smooth rising effect but it isn’t as straightforward as the motion recording type system.


@bwo thanks for this clear explanation.
I guess I have to work around it then by correcting the recording or use the lfo.

Does that also apply to DT while parameter motion recording?

Yes Slides are present on The A4 AR and Octatrack currently. You can get around it using The LFO for a single parameter and have no trigs between the start and end point. It’s not ideal.