Kind of “hardware overbridge”

I am reaming of individual out for my beloved Digitone and Digitakt, i don’t use computers excepted for recording.
So I am dreaming of a small box that I could connect to my Digis with usb with individual jacks outputs.
Am I the only one?
I even thought about designing it myself (but I really don’t have time…) with something like arduino and DACs…
Maybe Elektron will make it as an accessory for the Digis…


VERY interesting idea! I don’t have any skills required for designing such a tool, but I guess it might be doable for somebody with some decent arduino/audio/coding experience?

There’s a couple of topics exploring this thought including this hardware based concept

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i mean, Elektron could always just make Overbridge work with any class compliant USB mixer . . .


I’m sure it’s a bit more complicated than that, unfortunately.

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i don’t know if that’s actually true, but since every other manufacturer seems to handle multitrack audio over USB without a problem, then it’s one of Elektron’s own choosing if so

Having multi-track audio over USB is not the problem that Overbridge is trying to solve. Class compliant USB audio can already do that.

What is difficult today on Windows and Mac is to be able to work with many USB sound cards at the same time with pro-audio software.

Most pro-audio software still wants to use one single device as it’s inout/output.

There are solutions to work around this but they all seem to try to recombine many sound cards into a virtual one.

Overbeidge solves that by exposing the input/output tracks as an audio plugin.

It also provides a remote control UI that can be used to control the boxes from within the DAW.

It’s super strange to me that this was not fixed on Mac/Windows. It’s always strange to do something audio related on Windows after I got uaed to Linux where you can just use pro-audio software decoupled from your actual hardware and treat everything as a node with connections inatead.


It’s totally possible to do this if you have a Mac mini and an audio interface. Just leave Overbridge running in a DAW on the Mac, with the ins and out pre-routed.

Or buy a Digitone Keys :wink: