Kilpatrick Audio new CARBON sequencer!


No problem, if it was a £300 machine I’d have kept it, but at £650 - given the lack of any significant future development I felt my money was better spent elsewhere.


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i actually just ordered one of these for a good deal as i liked the idea of using it to come up with ideas/musical meat quickly without using an elektron box (monomachine and digitakt are my main sequencers). i haven’t done much research, but your review was definitely very helpful especially in that you describe it as a pattern generator and not sequencer.

so i don’t see it as being my main sequencer, just something to create material to then spit into the MnM/DT for song creation.


I got a chance to play with one of these a few months ago at a synth show. The closest comparison I came up with at the time was Make Noise René. I love René because—here’s the main point of comparison—it’s not really a sequencer at all, but it generates weird backward snake patterns and so forth. Carbon struck me as a more visual approach, if anything René conceals its functionality behind typically hermetic Make Noise-isms and their inscrutable typeface™. That said, I don’t really have the need for both, but I think Carbon could be recommendable to someone who needs a very non-traditional CV pattern sequencer for jamming, with generous CV outs.


yah, i have no cv gear but i love the generative aspect to get me out of the elektron mode of thinking, at least in the initial stages of composing a song.


just got it yesterday, and!

i lurvvvv it…such an awesome way to get yourself out of the elektron way of thinking.

still wrapping my head around scenes and hope to configure some song templates tonight.


This is more expensive than the Pyramid and has less knobs and buttons… does it do more ?


i haven’t fulled researched the pyramid, but this is definitely a lot less of a traditional sequencer and more of a pattern generator.


new firmware update

version 1.12 changes:

Added more scales - thanks to CARBON user Bill Butler
Improved MIDI clock to be even more precise.
Added a CV Output Offset function as per user request.
Added autolive function to enable live playing over sequences.
Additional bug fixes and improvements.


I should think about swapping mine for a Pyramid or Engine or something.


depends on what you’re using it for…i think the carbon excels at being a pattern/experiment generator.


I use it to keep the foam inside its cardboard box in the right place :expressionless:


aww, poor carbon needs a new home it sounds like.


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This thing seemed like a no brainer when it was announced, being a direct descendant of the awesome K4815 euro module.
What happened?


I think when compared to the Squarp Pyramid, or Engine, it is sorely lacking in features, and there’s no roadmap for any additional improvements. It’s a shame, because I liked the build, and how this one looked the most. I’m in the market again for a sequencer, and I’m going for the Squarp Pyramid MK2.


I’m a big fan of the carbon and Andrew is actively updating the firmware (an update was just released).


I just saw your new posts about it on Gearslutz. Yeah, that’s where I read all the mixed reviews. Keep us updated; if it’s actually good, I’m interested.


so i know there’s a way to clear a song thus clearing all tracks of either pattern or midi data, but is there a way to clear individual tracks of pattern/midi?

also, is there a way to copy tracks? maybe something similar to the copy scene function, but for copying notes/midi info from one track to another.


Just as I get done with the holiday spending and upgrades, the Carbons are back in stock at supported retailers. This used to be my least-wanted of the new breed of sequencers but as I’m getting more attracted to harmonic and melodic variation, it’s now on top.


new update with some significant changes.

version 1.14 changes:

added scene change sync option - it can now be set to beat, or the end of loop on track 1
more options for MAGIC - there are now Range and Chance options to adjust the output
changed step edit in drum mode so it doesn't replace all notes - this works better for editing drum parts
changed record to disable multiple track selection
added record immediate and overdub - realtime recording now stays active until stopped
added more arps
added the ability to edit the gate patterns directly on CARBON
added the ability to adjust the step-record note length
added fine gate time control with shift
added song list end point actions so you can loop the last scene, reset the entire song, or just stop the sequencer
Additional bug fixes and improvements.