K⏣LYDER - Finding Light Through The Cracks Of Our Fragmented World (ambient meets post-rock). Free DL codes inside

I’d like to introduce you to the latest record I released as my ambient project K⏣LYDER.
Finding Light Through The Cracks Of Our Fragmented World” is a 5 track EP that sits between ambient, drone and post-rock, composed over the 2 years span of the Covid pandemic.

KOLYDER_Finding Light EP artwork350
Listen here:

This release a bit of a departure for the project since all previous releases were live recordings of improvisations, usually quite lengthy and experimental. Here I went for shorter, more structured & melodic compositions, using every tools I had at my disposal (from my Eurorack modular system & VST instruments to lapsteel & guitars)…

I have a few download codes for you that you will be able to redeem here: https://kolyder.bandcamp.com/yum
(please comment telling what code you used to make things simple for everybody)

Thanks for listening !


Good sound.

Grabbed it with pn7f-udph

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Is used this one (code on the top)

Thanks for sharing - it sounds good, going to try it on a commute, sounds like good vibe for staring out a train window. The titling of the tracks, I like

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Thanks ! Enjoy !

I’ve been told that I’m making music for the road pretty much all my creative life so I guess it might work. Just filming the scrolling landscape from a train video would probably make a nice video.

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Thank You!!!

I’ll take this f7mh-elx8

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I used this code^. This EP sounds like it’s right up my alley :grin:

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A quick update to say that the EP is now available on all streaming platforms !
Links for the main ones are here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/kolyder/finding-light-through-the-cracks-of-our-fragmented-world