Just want to listen music and play with fx of Analog Heat


Hello i want to know how to use my Analog Heat Mk2 in standalone version.
I use overbridge connected in my Macbook Pro running sierra.
There are sound in output but in dry mode… all the effects are bypassed.
Even when i run the plugin in standalone mode.


The Heat is a 4in 4out interface. This means that you can use the clean channel when you want to use it as your computers inter face while still processing another signal thru the circuitry separately. Have a look in the manual on audio routing and how you select what should be audible where and how to set it up. There are a few options and you should be able to do what you looking for.


thomann says it’s 2in 2 out


It’s actually 4in 4out. Two external pairs and two internal pairs where you can route the external and internal ins and outs to either go to and from the effect or the clean channel.


From the manual:


i set in Option Analog IN/Out : Auto but the signal is always DRY.
I just plug my Analog Heat in USB to my computer. I cant listen music WET through the fx of the Heat. But when i put the plugin in Ableton Live i can listen the FX.

My question is : How to “just” listen music from my computer (out of a daw) and use fx of Analog Heat ?
It is possible or not? The manual cant help me to do that perhaps it is just a switch on/off somewhere

THE MANUAL : Analog Heat also functions as a 2 in/2 out sound card for your computer and can be used for both recording and monitoring audio. At the same time you can, via Overbridge, also use the effect to process another set of audio signals.

------> How to do that !!! where is the switch???



I do it on Mac using Soundflower which routes my Mac sound to an internal signal chain which I use as the input for Heat. I do this in the standalone app. I don’t know about windows. Btw, processing iTunes through analog heat sounds great, I mix in saturation and use eq and the filter as a third eq.


omg thank you so much for this solution @locosynth !!! i will try it very soon !


Been wondering the same thing, can’t wait to get home and try Soundflower out!


hi I’m completely new to the analog heat mk2…all I want to do is use overbridge standalone to record the WET signal of my Digitakt being processed by the analog heat…is this possible?
cheers rob


it is a little bit tricky but perhaps you can send DT audio out in AH and return in audio in DT to record but you will can listening sound just with headphone